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“I Ejaculate Fire”
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"I Ejaculate Fire" is a song by death metal band Dethklok, taken from Dethalbum III. A digital download single was released on September 4, 2012. The song first premiered in the Metalocalypse episode "Dethhealth", and was later re-recorded in studio for the album.

A music video for "I Ejaculate Fire", directed by Mark Brooks, was released on September 10, 2012.

The song was nominated for "Song of the Year" during the 2013 Golden God Awards, but did not win.


I ejaculate fire! A venomous fluid, cantankerous druid It kills when I breed, with my death seed CHECKMATE! The world dies when I procreate A bloody mess, bubbles with heat Fear the splattering acidic de-mattering IT BURNS! I'm fried to my loins. Testicular propane, TANKS EXPLODING!

I perpetuate bile A build up congestion Epidydmal retention My semen is flames Flagellum is pain Fuck fate! Earth's crushed from atomic weight With a hardened thrust Deep in the core A seismic tunneling A rhythmic pummeling Incinerate The molten rock A rancid genetic cannon fire!

Murdering, knew, nothing, OUTCAST! Choke on gas, kill my sperm!

Fate wont lead fast enough Come coagulating blackness When can I re-decorate? Save for me the glorious DETHTHREATS! Gasoline pumps through my heart Poison coursing somewhere Down in that place I feel the anger pulse again Its been building! Its been building! EXPLODE!

Found my mission! Death ambition! Earth's mortician! EXPLODE!

Short edition! New tradition! Extradition! EXPLODE!

Fucking fear is contagious! Go spread my flames so fellatious! Fucking fear is contagious! EXPLODE! EXPLODE! EXPLODE!



Dethklok - I Ejaculate Fire

Music video for "I Ejaculate Fire"

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