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Immortal Records Store.

Immortal Records is a record store featured in the Season 3 premiere, Renovationklok. It offers a wide variety of metal genres including death, doom, folk, heavy, classic, hair (glam), and metalcore. Two signs for dildo metal are also present.

Dethklok originally shows up to this store to ask for assistance with signing legal documents regarding their own record label. The employees are shown to be of no help. The store is then revealed to be closing 'forever', according to a voice on the intercom, because 'all record stores are closing'.


  • Several Snakes N' Barrels advertisements are plastered on the booths and walls of the record store, implying that the band still publishes and sells their album No Time For Antivenom. The Snakes N' Barrels adverts are found in the dildo metal and metalcore sections, despite the band being commonly described as Glam Metal.
  • The name of the store is a reference to the real-life record label Immortal Records, which went defunct in November of 2007. It also shares the same name as a Norwegian black metal band.
  • There is a Season 3 DVD extra of an extended Immortal Records scene. This scene has not been uploaded individually, but can be found in a reupload of all Season 3 DVD extras on Youtube at 25:37.