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Ishnifus Meaddle
Ishnifus Meaddle
Ishnifus as he appears in Church of The Black Klok
Background information
Sex Male
Mortality Dead
Role High Holy Priest of the Church of the Black Klok
Affiliations The Church of the Black Klok
Voiced by Werner Herzog (speaking)
Brendon Small (singing)
Quote open I do not fear you. Quote close
— Ishnifus Meaddle in response to the Metal Masked Assassin

Ishnifus Meaddle was the High Holy Priest of the Church of the Black Klok. He is first mentioned on the back of the Season 3 box set, where he provides a cryptic quote about the Metalocalypse prophecy.


Season 4[]

In Season 4 he provides a short narration at the beginning of several episodes, quoting relevant excerpts from a prophecy. He appears in "Breakupklok" talking to Charles and is formally introduced in "Church of the Black Klok". He and Offdensen explain to the band that he and the Church resurrected Offdensen and nursed him to health, and explained to Dethklok their true nature.

The Doomstar Requiem[]

In Doomstar Requiem he assists Offdenson and the band in Toki's rescue. He creates a diversion for Dethklok to escape the Revengencers, prompting the Metal Masked Assassin to behead him and crucify his remains. Dethklok retrieves his pendant on their way out. At the end of the episode he is succeeded by Charles Offdensen.


  • His name is a phonetic pun like many characters in the series. His first name is a pun on "Igniferious", meaning "producing fire". His surname of "Meaddle", a common misspelling of "Meddle" meaning "to take interest in another's affairs", matching how he had meddled in the Band's destiny. However, due to the misspelling, and Ishnifus' own way of pronouncing it also sounds like "metal". So the pun his name is implying is "flaming metal".