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Jon Schnepp
Jon Schnepp
Rest in Peace
Background information
Full name Jonathan David Schnepp
Sex Male
Mortality May 16, 1967–July 19, 2018
Origin West Haven, Connecticut
Role Director
Relations Brendon Small
Tommy Blacha
Chris Prynoski
Mark Brooks
Affiliations [adult swim]

Jonathan David Schnepp (died July 19, 2018)[1] was an American director, writer, cartoonist and CEO of the studio Schneppzone Inc. He was one of the primary directors and editors of the first four seasons of Metalocalypse, and participated in the initial concept and design for the main characters. He also provided artistic concept for the Metalocalypse comic book spinoff Dethklok vs. The Goon. He was not involved in the production of The Doomstar Requiem and announced he would retire from further Metalocalypse production to pursue other projects. Unfortunately, he passed away from a stroke at the age of 51.

Metalocalypse director credits[]


An animated version of Jon featured in “Dethrelease

Jon had directed many Metalocalypse episodes:

Season I: The Metalocalypse Has Begun[]

  1. The Curse of Dethklok
  2. Dethwater
  3. Birthdayface
  4. Dethkomedy
  5. Dethfam
  6. Snakes N’ Barrels
  7. Mordland
  8. Skwisklok
  9. Murdering Outside the Box
  10. Bluesklok
  11. Dethkids
  12. The Metalocalypse Has Begun” (with Chris Prynoski)

Season II: Black Fire Upon Us[]

  1. Dethecution” (with Chris Prynoski)
  2. Dethlessons
  3. Dethvengeance
  4. Dethfashion
  5. Cleanso
  6. P.R. Pickles
  7. Dethcarraldo
  8. Dethrace
  9. The Revengencers
  10. Dethsources
  11. Snakes N' Barrels II
  12. Dethrecord” (with Mark Brooks)
  13. Dethrelease” (with Chris Prynoski)

Season III: The Dead Man[]

  1. Renovationklok
  2. Tributeklok” (with Mark Brooks)
  3. Dethhealth
  4. Fatherklok
  5. Doublebookedklok

Season IV: Church of the Black Klok[]

  1. Fanklok
  2. Motherklok
  3. Dethcamp

Dethklok director credits[]

Jon had directed several Dethklok music videos:

  1. Bloodrocuted” (along with Brendon Small)
  2. Murmaider
  3. Briefcase Full of Guts
  4. Birthday Dethday
  5. Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
  6. Hatredcopter
  7. Thunderhorse
  8. Go into the Water
  9. Bloodlines
  10. Dethsupport
  11. The Gears
  12. Burn the Earth
  13. Black Fire Upon Us