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Judge Alfonzo is a civil court Judge ruling over the Dethwater lawsuit in the episode "Dethkomedy". He rules in favor of Dethklok after Charles Foster Ofdensen reveals the albums warning "Intended For Fish Only". He is later seen playing golf with Dethklok. After William Murderface's turn is up, Murderface turns to the judge and says "You're up, Judge Alfonzo.", as judge picks up his club, he politely thanks Murderface saying "Thank You, William." Earlier in Season 1 in

Judge Alfonzo

Judge Alfonzo golfing with the boys.

the third episode "Birthdayface", the paper reporting Murderface injuring the Danish prince also has an article speculating that the Judge and Murderface are "close and personal" friends and this relationship is a source of controversy regarding Judge Alfonzo.

Alfonzo article

The newspaper from "Birthdayface" speculating about the Alonzo/Murderface relationship and funding

The article also questions the source of Alfonzo's "limitless funding", raising the possibility he is corrupt, and is in Dethklok's/Ofdensen's pocket.

In finding the band not guilty in the Dethwater lawsuit, it is also possible he just believes Dethklok wasn't legally responsible for Dethklok fans stupidly hurting/killing themselves after listening to an album intended for fish.


  • He is one of a few number of characters not to be maimed or killed while around Dethklok (likely due to the fact he ruled in their favor, as people who help/aid Dethklok are somewhat less susceptible to the Curse of Dethklok).
  • He is on a first name basis with Murderface.
  • His voice is similar to that Mashed Potato Johnson (they are voiced by the same person).