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Juliette Sarmangsadandle
Juliette Sarmangsadandle Portrait 116
Background information
Sex Female
Mortality Deceased
Relations Female caregiver (perhaps, a relative)
Voiced by Brendon Small, Dorothee "Doro" Pesch (Ger. dub.)
Quote open I want to meet Toki. Quote close
— Little Juliette to an associate of the 'Wish for Something Foundation' (Source)

Juliette Sarmangsandandle is a young, wheelchair-bound girl suffering from a terminal illness, who is introduced in season one's episode Dethkids. As a child fan of Dethklok's rhythm guitarist Toki Wartooth, her biggest wish is to meet her idol before dying. Her dream seems to come true once a meeting is arranged by Offdensen after he was approached by the 'Wish for Something Foundation'.


Juliette is shown a young girl (therefore of smaller, rather childish proportions) bound to a dark blue upholstered wheelchair that accompanies her throughout the entire episode. Her hair is flaxen, chin-length and cut to bangs while her eyes are light-blue. One of her most remarkable features is a large gap between her front teeth, probably implying the loss of deciduous teeth. She also has sickly hollow cheeks and grows dark circles under her eyes as well as a paler skin from scene to scene.

Juliette's clothing consists of a sleeveless, black dress that reaches up below her knees and buckled boots of the same coloring. In addition, she wears two bracelets on her right arm, a plain white and a spiked black one.

There is not much revealed about her character besides her wish to meet Toki and her endeavor to "celebrate (her) unforgiving hate" sometime, as she is portrayed calm and utters few if her singing is left out.


Fatally ill Juliette is introduced to Dethklok through a promotional clip of the 'Wish for Something Foundation' which features her being inquired about the dying wish she wants the organization to help her in achieving. Since it happens to be a meeting with Toki and is hence seen as a valuable opportunity to increase the public reputation of the band by Offdensen, a visit at Mordhaus is arranged. But when little Juliette and a caregiver of hers arrive weeks later, recently rebellious Toki refuses to see his child fan and retires to his room, as he prefers more brutal contacts in order to distance himself from being considered the kid friendly member of Dethklok, which he is tired of.

While his bandmates thereupon try to entertain her with sweets, tequila and consoling words, Offdensen looks for the annoyed rhythm guitarist and convinces him at least to watch a DVD made for him by Juliette. In the video provided thereon, she presents her self-written song for Toki, sitting in what appears to be her own room and playing on a Guitar Hero controller. The lyrics of this song mainly express the longing for brutality and murder that grows inside her mind replacing her previous desire for 'pretty things'. This causes Toki to flash back to his own childhood and realize that being a kid is "brutal". A dreamlike sequence follows in which still wheelchair-bound Juliette and Toki (as his child version towards the final) finish the song as a duet, partly supported by a "really, really drunk" Pickles in underpants.

After the song ends, Toki (who now feels emotionally ready to spend some time with Juliette) races to catch her up only to discover that she has already died from her illness. Overcome with guilt and screaming in horror, he then begins to experience fierce hallucinations of Juliette accusing him of her death which fill the credits. Throughout these visions, he imagines her (actually just distorted and paled) face being eaten by flies and maggots.


Little Juliette Sarmangsadandle. She does not have much time left. With our foundation she gets one last wish.
an associate of the 'Wish for Something Foundation' on Juliette in a promotional video
Don't be sad, little girl. One day you're gonna grow up and you're gonna be big. - Oh, wait. Nevermind.
Nathan Explosion in an attempt to comfort Juliette


  • Her instrument of choice is shown to be a Guitar Hero controller modelled after the Gibson SG.
  • Juliette makes a cameo in second season's Dethdad, where a death expert working for the Tribunal states that "everything that Toki touches with love dies".
  • Judging from the death expert's theory above, she may be considered as the first character to succumb to the curse of Toki, the "Angel of Death".
  • Despite representing a small girl of young age, she is apparently voiced and sung in falsetto by a male voice actor.
    • However, her voice actor in the German dubbed version is the female hard rock and metal-musician Doro Pesch[1]. Juliette's singing is retained from the original dub, though.



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