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Quote open I believe Nathan Explosion is a disgrace to the great state of Florida. Quote close
— Kip Slaughter on Nathan Explosion in a speech broadcasted on Channel 57 (Dethgov)

Kip Slaughter
Background information

Kip Slaughter was the Govenor of Nathan Explosion's home state of Florida, making his first and last appearance in season two's episode Dethgov. His refusal to give a state holiday for Nathan Explosion results in his brutal murder and dismemberment at the hands of the people of Florida.

In Dethgov, on live television he refuses to create a state holiday in honor of Nathan Explosion and calls Nathan a "disgrace to the great state of Florida". This insights the wrath of Florida's Dethklok fans (which includes most of the local population) who take the Governor hostage. After Nathan inconsiderately encourages his fans to "fuck that guy" via television, he is brutally murdered and dismembered by the people of Florida, including his own daughter. They write the word "Dildo" on his forehead and decapitate him then. Finally, his head an corpse are paraded through the streets.

Nathan Explosion succeeds him as the next Governor of Florida.

The death of Kip Slaughter along with Nathan's appointment as his successor alarms the Tribunal causing them to go into Purple Alert.


  • His name is most likely a reference to US-American cheesy hair metal band Slaughter and arguably cheesier hair metal band Winger's bassist/frontman Kip Winger.
  • He is one of a few number of people to have publicily denounced a member of Dethklok, namely Nathan Explosion (which lead to a gruesome fate for Governor Slaughter).
  • Due to his disapproval of Nathan, he immediately becomes unpopular and hated. Even his own daughter mercilessly joins-in on his public execution, with one reporter stating she spit on him after he was hoisted up into the air upside down.