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The outside of Klokikon.

Klokikon is an annual Dethklok-themed convention. It is an event sponsored by Duncan Hills Coffee, Gibson, and Marshall Amplification. It is featured in the Season 4 premiere, Fanklok.

The event is held in a massive, propane-fueled building. Fans are seen crowding both in and out of it (supposedly 'a few hundred thousand'). There are two spotlights emanating from the top of the building into the air, similar to the Guitar hotel's light beam show. The building is at well over four stories tall, based on a shot of Dethklok as they run up the stairs and get stopped halfway. It also is broken up into several 'pieces', connected by floating bridges.


Charles offers the idea of attending Klokikon to Dethklok. At first, they seem uninterested and confused. Pickles does not know what it is, and Toki mocks the name, referring to it as 'kloks-kunts-kocks'. They all unanimously refuse to attend, until it is discovered that Nathan's girlfriend Trindle has been up to suspicious things. They then rush to the con to confront her, where they are faced with interacting with their fans- something they all seem thoroughly enthused about as they gawk at their costumes.

The con is destroyed by the end of the episode due to an explosion triggered by the bombs strapped to Trindle's chest in an attempted murder-suicide. The damage is incredibly destructive, leading to the death of countless fans, mainly due to the enormous propane/fuel tank situated on the top of the building. One pillar with artwork of Skwisgaar and Toki kissing collapses on fans for a visual gag.


  • Klokikon is a reference to Comic-Con and other similar conventions.
  • There is a booth featuring a variety of fanart. The fanart featured in the episode is all from real Metalocalypse fans, and a detailed list of the included pieces can be found on the Fanklok page.