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This is a comprehensive list of every one-time location with only one appearance, or multiple mentions with very little images available.

This will not include any Mordhaus locations. Any location that is added to this page with more than three images/angles available will be moved to their own page.

List of Locations (by episode)[]

Season 1[]


  • Gorgoroth's Medical Supply
    • Medical store, sells things such as wheelchairs, both electric and standard.
  • The Omniplex
    • Movie cinema, playing "Summer Lake".
  • Marduk's Putt & Stuff
    • Minigolf.

Snakes N' Barrels[]

  • The Whisky Room
    • Never shown, but mentioned as a concert venue in a newspaper article about Snakes N' Barrels.
  • The Thirsty Dolphin
    • Also shown briefly in Snakes N' Barrels II. Is an old location where Snakes N' Barrels used to perform.

Season 2[]

P.R. Pickles[]

  • Juice Joint
    • A juice store that Dethklok is seen standing outside of.


  • Marduk's
    • A store for survival and fitness gear. Seen again briefly in Fertilityklok.
    • Unknown whether or not this store is related to Marduk's Putt & Stuff.

The Revengeancers[]

  • St. Necrophagist Hospital


  • An Unnamed Nightclub

Snakes N' Barrels II (presumably all located in LA)[]

  • Rainbow Cocktails
  • Jumbo's Clown Room (Girls, Girls)
    • Presumably a gentleman's club, as it is marked as for 18 and older.
  • House of Blues
  • Frolic Room
    • A bar.
  • Seventh Veil (Live NUDE Revue)
    • Another gentleman's club.
  • An unnamed party in LA held on the rooftop of a hotel.

Season 3[]


  • Unnamed Strip Club (Amateur Night)
    • A strip club that offers to pay some extra cash to performers. Toki is seen pole dancing on stage in this club.
      • This club is not to be confused with Live Nude Girls, which has a different layout and decor.
  • Cheapo 96¢ Store
    • A small store located to the right (when looking at the front of the stores) of Fintrolls.
    • Also briefly seen in Tributeklok.
  • Dethklok's Dorito Land
  • Carcass Hardware
    • Where Dethklok desperately looked for a job


  • Palomino's Tribute Band Emporium
    • A small concert venue dedicated to tribute bands. Thunderhorse performs here.
  • Iced Earth Community Skating
    • A skating rink that offers spaghetti to bands that perform as entertainment.
  • NAGLFAR Copy Store
    • Allows customers to print out fliers, posters, etc. The only employee in the store is snarky and mocks Dethklok in their attempts at becoming successful as Thunderhorse.
  • House of Discounts (Loans) 6616
  • Pentuplemint Gum HQ
    • Attacked by crazed, angry fans.
  • Metal Health Benefit Venue


  • The Dentist's Office
  • The (Gay) Doctor's Office


  • The Church


  • Malmsteen's Pub


  • 受精 (Jusei)
    • A building in Tokyo, located right by Dethklok's performance stage.
  • Toki's birthday party venue.
    • Located in Tokyo.



  • Malevolent Creation Rehabilitation Center

Season 4[]


  • The Exhumed Tavern
    • A shabby tavern

Dethvanity (all located in Tijuana, Mexico)[]

  • Dr Sepultura Cirugia Plastica
    • The plastic surgery office that Murderface had his face redone at.
  • Morbid Angels
    • A strip club.
  • Angra's Tacos, Burritos


  • Whore's Blood Wine Vineyard
    • In Northern California
    • Makes Pinot Noir

DVD Extras (Places)[]

  • 3 Inches of Savings
    • You can buy electric equipment and records here, as stated by Facebones
  • Some Party At A Warehouse
    • ...What it says on the tin.
  • The Venom
    • Described as where "four dumb ladies talk to each other" by Facebones


  • Gorgoroth's Medical Supply is a reference to a Norwegian black metal band.
  • Marduk's Putt & Stuff is a reference to a Swedish blackened death metal band.
  • Dr. Sepultura is a reference to a Brazilian death metal band, Morbid Angels is a reference to a band, and so is Angra's Burritos.
  • Carcass Hardware, The Venom, St. Necrophagist Hospital, Malevolent Creation, and the Exhumed tavern are all, also, references to bands with the same names. Malmsteen is a reference to a Swedish guitarist of the same name.
  • There is an actual bar in Hollywood named the Frolic Room, which opened in 1941.
    • House of Blues is also a real place, as well as the Seventh Veil, and Omniplex cinemas.
  • 受精 (Jusei) means fertilization/impregnation.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

DVD Extras[]