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There is a wide variety of songs in Metalocalypse. While the majority of these are by Dethklok, there are also songs by other artists, such as Snakes N' Barrels and Dr. Rockzo, as well as songs recorded by members of Dethklok, but not by the entire band and/or not considered to be Dethklok songs.

All songs were recorded and made by the actual Dethklok band (Brendon Small, Gene Hoglan, etc.), but not all songs recorded by them are considered Dethklok songs (virtual band). Such songs are considered Metalocalypse songs, a notable example would be on The Doomstar Requiem where "Blazing Star" is the only song by the virtual band Dethklok, whereas the rest are Metalocalypse songs.

Songs that are italicized have not been officially released but their song title has been mentioned either in the show or through an official Metalocalypse source. Songs that aired on Metalocalypse but have no been given any title are not listed.

Dethklok songs[]

Metalocalypse songs[]

Dr. Rockzo/Zazz Blammymatazz[]

Snakes N' Barrels[]