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The nightclub, as seen in Dethgov.

Live Nude Girls is the unceremonious name of a strip club. It was first featured in the Season 2 episode Dethwedding, and then shown again in 2 other episodes.

It is likely one of many nightclubs of the same chain, given the "national chain" sign underneath the bright neon sign. The building is small and is often shown to be empty. Although, it is unknown if the emptiness is due to the venue having low popularity, or if it was simply rented out completely during its two appearances.



  • Seth decides to book the club for his bachelor's party with the rest of the band. The club is relatively empty except for Seth, Dethklok, and the strippers performing. Seth gets considerably drunk at the party, which concerns Pickles. Seth also interacts with a few of the performers, and even has one give him a lap-dance. Pickles is sent to sit in between two performers, but is not enthused.


  • Pickles decides to take Chinese politicians out for a meeting at the club, after securing his role as "Ambassador to China". He is seen receiving a lap dance from a performer, and then seen outside of the club late at night in fear. He exclaims that the prostitute he was with has died, specifically from an overdose.


  • As the drum machine begins to spiral down a path of stardom and ruin, it can be seen doing a variety of things that other rockstars typically do- including attending Live Nude Girls.


  • The animation sequence of Seth and Pickles receiving a lap dance from performers is the same one / it is reused between episodes.