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Liz Bane
Background information
Sex Female
Mortality Deceased
Role P.R. manager, Cult leader
Affiliations Various cults
Voiced by Laraine Newman
Quote open THIS is our destiny. Quote close
— Liz to Pickles

Liz Bane, otherwise known as Liz Blackfin or Liz Deatheyes, is a character present in the Season 2 episode PR Pickles. She is hired as the PR lady for Pickles and puts him in the place of various celebrity events and activities in order to boost his fame and popularity. Unbeknownst to him, her main motivation behind taking the job is to use Dethklok's influence, fame and power in order to complete the final steps of her cult-related plans.



Liz as a radical of the 70's

Prior to becoming Pickles' PR lady, she was a religious radical in the 1970s. She is credited with starting dozens of cults. Her biggest cult was the Order of the Dybbuks, who believed they would achieve immortality by taking over the bodies of French people. In 1973, 28 Dybbuks walked into a crowded Parisian café on the Champs Elyées, pulled out ceremonial daggers, and massacred a hundred French citizens. Somehow Miss Bane was cleared of all charges, she then went on to start a public-relations firm, called the Exodus P.R. Firm.

She starts her latest cult by making Pickles the biggest celebrity on the planet by having him appear everywhere in the media, and gains thousands of followers who she tortures and brainwashes. She then plans for a concert the night that Nile's Comet nears Earth, where the most devoted followers will drink poisoned grapeade, and Dethklok put on a special platform that would have the comet kill them. She would then escape with her followers' possessions.

In a meeting with Pickles, she hands him a $5 Hot Topic gift card, presumably the same one given to The Blues Devil (in "Bluesklok"). This leads to the possibility the Blues Devil was the one who got Liz cleared of all charges in the "1973 Order of the Dybbuks massacre" and was the one who leads her to Pickles & Dethklok, possibly as payback for cheating him.

Her plan fails. The Dethklok space publicity tablet deflects the comet-- causing it to explode into many pieces. One of the pieces destroys her car, supposedly killing her. (It is hinted that Mr. Salacia was involved in this, as his face is superimposed on the screen briefly as the comet impacts the tablet).


  • Despite being dead, she also appears in the crowd in the Season 3 episode "Dethsiduals" on American Super Talent Havers.
  • Liz offers poisoned grapeade to her cult followers, which is a reference to the poisoned Kool-Aid present at Jonestown.