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“Magnus and the Assassin”
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Magnus and the Assassin is a song from Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem and its soundtrack, featuring the voices of Brendon Small, George Fisher, and Mike Keneally.


Magnus & prisoners

Toki and Abigail as prisoners

The scene reveals the grave situation Toki and Abigail have endured since being kidnapped by Magnus and The Man With the Silver Face. The two prisoners face harsh treatment under their keep, especially Toki who is shown being tortured and humiliated by Magnus. Magnus explains that if/when Dethklok comes to their rescue, he and the Assassin have the same fate planned for them.

The album version of the song was trimmed slightly for the scene; Magnus sings the chorus twice on the track.



Welcome to your resting place

Please enjoy your stay

I'll be your ambassador of sorrow and decay


I will take them

I will break them

I will claw their flesh and forsake them

Seek revengence for my brother

I will not rest until I'm satisfied


It takes patience

We are aligned

You have the strength

but the cunning is all mine

I am the brains

You are the power

The legacy of Dethklok will be devoured

I'm not a terrible person

for I'm just a man filled with pain

Cast out by the Klok to live in obscurity

I will pay them back the same way

I'm no murderer

I'm just a man

I'm the judge and jury

and your case is in my hands

You should be on my side

So should she

[Magnus and the Assassin]

When Dethklok is imprisoned

the world will thank me!

[Magnus singing the chorus]

Oh, you are my bait

They will come for you

They'll be trapped

Oh, I've been so patient

My reward is soon

Oh, my apologies

You're just like me

a victim of the band

Oh, I see it all so clearly

They will live just like me

in obscurity

[Toki singing]

Oh, you're scarings me, no!

Oh, you're scarings me!

Please don't hurt us!

We ain'ts done nothings wrongs, my friend!

Oh no, you're scarings me!


We'll finish them