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The outside of the club.

Mammy Yaks is a comedy club featured in the Season 1 episode, Dethkomedy. It serves as both a comedy club and a restaurant, and there is also a bar in the back near the entrance.



Watching a lackluster comedy performance.

It is, presumably, a one-room establishment, with a wide and open floor plan. The wood stage in the front of the audience seating is small and short, with a colorful backdrop. This backdrop can be removed, and has been seen replaced with a wall of KRANK amps.

The audience members are seated at a variety of small, round tables, and there are a few booth couches against the walls. The outside of the building is plain, and consists of just brown brick walls with a neon sign to advertise the club. The sign has a cartoon of a yak dressed in a skirt, portrayed as a mother holding a baby. The sign is animated, and moves between two frames.


After Dethklok takes the initiative to expand into the realm of comedy, they decide to visit Mammy Yaks. They watch a comedian perform before them, and then take a crack at their own shows. They completely bomb their routines, and Pickles in particular is humiliated on stage. However, they're approached by a man who offers to help them learn the ins and outs of comedy.

They spend an extensive amount of time at the club, both while it is closed and open, and eventually learn how to make their audience laugh- usually with hateful and/or crude humor. The audience is roughly the same group of people every time they attend, so they likely are regular event-goers of this club.


  • While it is not certain where the choice of the name of the establishment comes from, 'Mammy' could either refer to slang used in the UK to refer to one's own mother, or to the harmful stereotype by the same name.