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Many times when Dethklok members want to have a private meeting they go in one of Mordhaus' closets, most notably when they want to speak without Charles (who has never been in the closet).  The closet has been the location for important decisions in the episodes Dethsources, Dethfashion, Renovationklok, Dethsiduals and others.



  • In Dethfashion, it is revealed that this closet is actually Murderface's closet. This is also apparent from the vests, shirts and boots seen on the shelves.
    • A recurring theme and gag in Dethfashion is that Murderface may be gay due to how strangely defensive he is over the matter. Likewise, in this episode, some believe that Dethklok standing in Murderface's closet is a cheeky joke about him being "in the closet".