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Melmord Fjordslorn
Melmord Fjordslorn
Melmord Fjordslorn introducing himself.
Background information
Sex Male
Mortality Dead
Role Replacement/new manager for Dethklok
Affiliations Dethklok
Voiced by Brian Posehn
Quote open Here's the secret to business: it's all bull*riff*. As long as I'm here, man, you guys can do whatever the *riff* it is you wanna do. Quote close
— Melmord Fjordslorn to Dethklok

Melmord Fjordslorn is the third business manager hired by Dethklok in "Dethsources" due the band's being fed up with Offdensen knowing more than they do regarding the band's finances. He immediately sets his sights on taking Charles' job as sole business manager of the band.


Melmord is the complete opposite of Offdensen: laid back and irresponsible. He does drugs (he is seen both smoking pot and injecting a substance), and appears to have similar taste in sexual partners as Skwisgaar (he and Skwisgaar are shown sleeping with old women at the same time, even giving each other a high five). Despite his irresponsibility and laid back personality, he is shown to be cunning and manipulative, as well as an excellent fencer.



Unlike the clean-cut Offdensen, Melmord is more laid back (to the point of seeming irresponsible), letting Dethklok do what ever they want, even partying and drinking with the band. He is also shown doing drugs (smoking pot, and later, during the montage, injecting an unknown substance). As a result, he gains Dethklok's favor and tries to manipulate the band into firing Offdensen and have him act as their sole manager.


Melmord fighting Charles

This eventually leads to a fencing duel between the two men to determine who would remain as Dethklok's manager (Offdensen insisted that the only way to separate him from Dethklok would be to kill him). After a lengthy battle, Offdensen barely manages to stab Melmord and force him off of the top of Mordhaus' Dragonspire (it should be noted that Offdensen fights him left-handed), causing him to fall to his death on the train tracks below. A passing train moving into the compound annihilates his body.

In an extra clip on the Metalocalypse Season 2 DVD, it is revealed that Offdensen covered up Melmord's death telling Dethklok he left and comments that Melmord was a pedophile (whether this is true or not is unknown, however it is likely a lie created by Offdensen).


  • Melmord is a combination of two Danish words. Mel which translated means “flour”, and “mord” which means "murder".
  • His surname is likely a play on "Forsworn", which is past tense for the word "forswear" which means "commit false testimony".