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There are many songs featured throughout the Metalocalypse series, but not all can be added to this wiki. If a song has not been given a title through an official Metalocalypse source then it does not belong on this wiki, the song titles on this site isn't open to fan interpretation and speculation.

Always remember to add quotation marks ("Example") to song titles when adding them to this wiki.


Examples of what is allowed:

  • "Awaken" is a song featured in the episode Dethtroll, it can be added and named on this wiki because it was released on The Dethalbum and was given a title.
  • "Dory McClean (song)" was a song that aired in Metalocalypse episode Dethzazz, it has not been released physically and no song title for it was mentioned on the show. But in a Metalocalypse season 4 DVD special features, there is an animated commercial for Dr. Rockzo's Greatest Hits and the song title for the song was given there. Thus, the song can be added to this wiki.
  • "Crush My Battle Opponent's Balls" is a song that aired in Metalocalypse episode Skwisklok, it has not been released officially and no song title was verbally said on the show. But in the episode on the TV screen that played the music video for the song, a the song title was written. Thus, the song is allowed.

Examples of what isn't allowed:

  • "Titty Fish" is the unofficial title given to an acoustic song performed by William Murderface in the Metalocalypse episode Dethclown. Even though the word "Titty Fish" is mentioned frequently throughout the song, it is pure speculation to assume the song title. As a result, that song cannot be added to this wiki unless an official title is given through an official Metalocalypse source.