The Metalocalypse Wiki

Policies are the backbone of the wiki. Like guidelines and rules, all users, regardless of status and position, are expected to follow them. None of these policies are ever set in stone, however. Anyone who disagrees with a policy is welcome to suggest changes at the Tribunal Room. Here is a listing of our policies:

Content Policies[]

  • Name consistency - There are several inconsistent name spelling's in Metaloclaypse. Through consensus and other Metalocalypse sources, only one form may be used in order to keep this wiki consistent.
  • Spoiler policy - The content on this wiki may contain information that may spoil some storylines and other plot elements of the series. Visitors should read at their own risk.
  • Song policy - Users cannot speculate or make up song titles to songs that have not been officially named through a credible Metalocalypse source.

User Policies[]

  • All editors are equal - All editors, regardless of status and position, are treated equally and have the same amount of say in their opinion.
  • Assume good faith - Unless it is obvious vandalism, always assume that a user's contributions to the wiki are to improve it.
  • Blocking guidelines - Destructive editors and vandals that need to be blocked should be barred from editing the wiki in increasing periods of time depending on the magnitude of vandalism or controversial edits and if they were blocked previously.
  • Sock puppetry - One editor, one account.
  • User treatment policy - Be considerate and not disruptive.