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Background information
Sex Female
Mortality Alive
Origin Tomahawk, Wisconsin
Relations Pickles (son)
Voiced by Laraine Newman
Quote open Until you know what it's like to be a real person, to have a real job, I'm afraid we'll never have a real relationship. Quote close
— Molly, in Motherklok

First introduced in the Season 1 episode, Dethfam, Molly is the mother of Pickles and Seth, and is married to Calvert. She speaks with the same Wisconsin accent as Pickles, and like the rest of Pickles' family, her last name is unknown. She is from Tomahawk, Wisconsin.


She is a visibly older woman with de-saturated wine-red hair that is kept up in a large hairdo. In all her appearances, she is seen wearing the same purple v-neck dress and pearl necklace. She also wears large glasses, gold earrings, and dress shoes with buckles on them.

Tribunal Description

"Pickles has never known the satisfaction of having his mother's approval for anything he has ever done. Not even being in the biggest entertainment act in the known universe is enough for her. She sees Pickles as a grotesque loser, while she applauds her underachieving son Seth for the most infantile victories. Is she a miserable hag threatened by Pickles' success? Perhaps, but Pickles will never be free of her abject disapproval until he, in one way or another, instructs her to go and fuck herself."


Molly is portrayed as an overbearing, selfish mother who pays little attention to Pickles overall. She sees him as a lazy failure, and prioritizes her other son, Seth. She expresses a distaste for out-of-touch celebrities, and believes that a person has only truly been successful if they have a 'real job'. Simply put, she can be easily compared to other older mothers from the Midwestern Suburbs.



With her tambourine.


While an overbearing presence that infuriates Pickles, she stays rather silent in Dethfam. However, she lets Seth have his way as he pesters his brother- a recurring theme throughout the series. She is seen besides her husband, Calvert, for the majority of the episode. During the final "Dethklok family death metal album" recording session, her instrument of choice is a tambourine.


Molly shows off Seth's "success", that being his home-office in the attic. She's excited over Seth's all-in-one fax machine, and refers to him as "a professional". This is one of many examples of her celebrating Seth's utter mediocrity.

Despite the clear disrespect she has shown for Dethklok throughout the series, she finds no issue in them performing for Seth's wedding. However, she shows little to no reaction about it, and likely isn't enthused, as she states "I guess Pickles' band is gonna play." in a flat tone.


In the video that all the mothers (and grandmother) record together for their holiday message to Dethklok, Molly proclaims that the band never calls any of them. She, like the other mothers, finds this quite shocking, and teams up with the others in an offbeat reconciliation attempt with their sons. She apparently has Skwisgaar's phone number, as he states she called him later in the episode.


With Anja.

It's revealed that Molly regularly spends times with Dethklok's moms, as they're seen playing Twister together and getting into other shenanigans. She is also seen having her behind held by Anja while she leans in to kiss Stella, presumably drunk based on the bottle of alcohol that sits next to them in the image.

During the Dick Knubbler-William Murderface Christmas Special, she gets drunk with the other mothers and can be seen canoodling with Anja once again, sitting on stage.


Returning to visit the Dethklok as they attempt to fix the economy, Molly begins to berate Pickles for ruining it. She claims that he's spoiled, and doesn't have a real job, which infuriates him.


"Ya can't even sell one house!"

Once Pickles falls into the depressing realities of having a real job and succumbs to becoming a realtor, he's visited by Molly's presence in his subconscious. This is a representation of the overbearing influence and presence she has in Pickles' mind, almost as though she haunts him. During this scene, she takes the form of a circular green being covered in wrinkles and veins.

Despite having essentially stated that she would respect Pickles if he got a 'real' job, she does not show this respect towards him after seeing his success as a realtor. As a response, she is told to go fuck herself, and is horrified. She is never seen again.


  • She can make mayonnaise[1].