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“Morte Lumina”
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Morte Lumina is a track from The Doomstar Requiem featuring the voices of Brendon Small and George Fisher. In Latin the title translates to deathly light.


Morte Lumina

Toki is rescued by his bandmates

Morte Lumina is an in-show version of Blazing Star which covers the final climactic events during the last few minutes of Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem. Dethklok finally overcomes their cowardice and they resolve to risk their lives to save Toki. Nathan leads the charge beating down members of The Revengencers along the way. They find Toki and Abigail hanging from inverted crucifixes, apparently soon to be executed. Magnus is impaled upon the Assassin's spear, having outgrown his usefulness. As Toki and Abigail are being freed, the Assassin appears in the doorway and growls. Nathan admits that they're ready to die to protect their brother. At that very moment the Doomstar aligns with Earth, and the five members of Dethklok are suddenly elevated into the air, emitting beams of light which disintegrate the Assassin completely, killing him. Dethklok flees the scene with Abigail. Magnus is spared, and in his guilt over the suffering he caused he commits a Seppuku seppuku-esque suicide. 

Dethklok plays a reunion show to celebrate Toki's recovery. Abigail and Nathan embrace and kiss. Charles Ofdensen is shown inheriting the medallion of Ishnifus Meaddle in a ceremony with the Church of the Black Klok.

Murderface's eyes glow purple with possession, having been infected by a member of The Revengencers at the Depths of Humanity.


[Assassin growling]

YOU took my brother from me!


But we'd rather burn in hell than let you take ours...

[Magnus screams]

My God, what is that!?

[Magnus singing]

One of them has died

It's all my fault

I can't believe what I've seen

These are no men

They have the power of Gods

I tried to bring them down

but I am not the hero

I am a villain

and I, too, must go down...


Men and women of the earth,

I give to you the grand rebirth

of my brother on guitar!!

The Blazing Star

It burns so bright

The darkened power

The deathly light

Bring it on now

This is our time

We're the new regime

Together we'll fight