"MurderTooth" records is a record company founded by William Murderface & Toki Wartooth. After being banned from making music with the rest of band, they created it with money out of their own pocket. Rock/Rap band, Get Thee Hence was the first band signed by MurderTooth Records. However their new band treats them like servants (Murderface more so than Toki) and slaves. Toki & Murderface are even forced to create Get Thee Hence's first studio album, due to the band's heroin addiction and laziness. Despite all their hard work in making Get Thee Hence a success they end up with nothing because Toki filled out the contacts in Norwegian. However Get Thee Hence was later attacked onstage by angry Dethklok fans. It is likely that Murderface's Planet Piss will be signed to MurderTooth Records due to Murderface & Toki's co-ownership of the Planet Piss.

Signed BandsEdit

  • Get Thee Hence (first band officially signed by the company; was brutally beaten on stage by angered Dethklok fans)
  • Planet Piss (likely signed on Murderface & Toki have co-ownership)
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