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Murdertrain a-Comin' is a Dethklok song that appears at the end of the episode "Bluesklok" & was later released on the The Dethalbum bonus disc.


Murdertrain a-Comin' is a Blues inspired Deth Metal song by Dethklok that they came up with while learning the way of the Blues from Mashed Potato Johnson (the world oldest living blues guitarist). Mashed Potato Johnson takes them to an outdoor hippie concert called "Outdoor World Peace Fest". The rest of the scene goes like this:

Murderface: "Dirty, worthless hippies."

Skwisgaar: "These guys is way too happy."

Mashed Potato Johnson: "Make'em wish they was never born. Give'em the blues."

Nathan: "Somebody slap my sunburned back."

(Murderface complies & slaps Nathan on the back) Nathan:(Yells out in pain) "I can feel pain again. I'm ready."

Some Random Hippie: "We just received some very awesome and rad news, everybody. Dethklok has returned to the public. Yeah."

Nathan: "We're here to play some Mississippi Delta blues. We're in a horrible depression... and I gotta admit it: we're starting to like it."

Dethklok then plays the song causing the hippies to become horribly depressed (to the point it causes one female hippie to rip out her eyes) and create multiple tornados, reeking havok, while The Blues Devil watches on top a hill.

The song is mainly a Deth Metal tribute to the blues, about a soul collecting train called the Murdertrain. The idea comes from an observation made by Skwisgaar while Mashed Potato Johnson was teaching them the history of the blues:

Skwisgaar: Alls they sings about is trains.

Mashed Potato Johnson: Is there anything else really to talk about?


 Here comes the soul collecting Train of murder a-comin'
 It longs to take your putrid blackened soul away from you
 Your face will leave your rotting head in the early morning
 Your guts will leave your corpse, Your spine will break and crack in two
 It cannot be stopped, the train is fueled by chopped 
 Bodies filled with sorrow, there is no tomorrow
 Ticket is your life, ended by a knife 
 Called the murder train, eternity of pain
(Oh, yeah, you know What I'm talking about)
 There is no escape but death
 Your life is just A murder train a-comin'
 Alright, ready Skwisgaar?
 Now play me some blues!