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“Murmaider II: The Water God”
Background information

Mummaider II: The Water God appears albeit briefly at the start of Season 4: Episode 2. It is featured on the Dethalbum II. It was recorded in the Dethsub, along with Go Into The Water and Murmaider.


Murmaider II The Water God (fan video)


The Gods watch over you
And they consider what you've done
But now you've hidden away
To gain your strength
Deep in a cave
Your power is regained
And your legacy has spread
To the deepest of the sea
The one that brought them vengeance
That fights for his belief
He can swim through matter
He has poisoned teeth
His tentacles have murdered
His scream can kill the weak
He's got
A master of the art of murder
Mermaids weep the blackened tears
So you swim to a sunken ship
Invited by a soul who bleeds from the lips
This prophet who beckons you wades in the dark
Speaks an ancient language - this language is of sharks
He says your the one that I decree
The one that can save us and set us free
You've gained the power of a deity
You have the strength to wake us from this sleep
And so you swim on
Swim on!
And so you swim on
Swim on!
Keep swimming now
And the prophet gives to you this warning
If this path is chosen you'll be met with strife
For you'll be seen as an enemy of the sacred
And the gods will curse you
For the rest of your life
And you say
I get by just fine
I've known much worse life
I've conquered dark times
They should fear my mind
So now you know then go then
Swim on through the cold then
Harness your strength
Because one day you may be called
To meet the mighty gods
Deep within the ocean
And if you're not prepared
Your soul will not be spared
Your eyes have gone black
You'll never look back
You'll never stop swimming
You'll always be tracked
Your life has transformed
Your power has grown
Your minions stretch for leagues
For a bloodied coral throne
A crown of murdered foes
Will sit upon your head
Those that wish to challenge you
Will wish that they were dead
The beasts of the sea will collect and submit
Pray for your forgiveness and live as you permit
And you say:
"I am the Water God
You will bow to the Water God
You will live for the Water God
And you will die for the Water God"
Live for the Water God!
Die for the Water God!
And the deities loom nearer
They will find you...