Background Information
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Occupation Lake troll of Finland
Family -
Appearances "Dethtroll"
Voiced by James Hetfield

Mustakrakish is a lake troll from Finland that appears in the episode "Dethtroll". He is awakened when Dethklok performs a song called "Awaken", which has lyrics taken from a Finnish book of necronomic spells, and proceeds to go on a nationwide rampage. Dethklok attempts to make him go back to sleep with a lullaby. This almost works, until a Dethphone rings, waking him back up. When his call is dropped, Murderface angrily throws the Dethphone at Mustakrakish and it gets lodged in his throat. The troll frantically attempts to remove it, but accidentally disembowels himself in the process and explodes. The members of Dethklok later feast on the remains of the deceased Mustakrakish.

He is voiced by James Hetfield of Metallica.


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