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Young Nathan, moments before a truck crashes into his classroom

Nathan was raised in New Port Richey, Florida, the sole child of Oscar, implied to have been in the military, and Rose Explosion. Nathan was a very quiet child to the point of being regarded as mute, and did not speak until the age of five. In Dethgov, when his classmates and teacher were killed after he won the election for class president in the second grade, Nathan remained virtually unaffected. He was an unremarkable student in high school, excelling only in frog dissection and football. He eventually dropped out without earning his diploma. He tried to earn his GED years later, but failed due to answering no questions.

Prior to Dethklok[]

Little is known about his music career before Dethklok, though it is established in Snakes n' Barrels that everyone except Toki had been in a previous band.



Young Nathan at the signing of Dethklok

In Renovationklok, Nathan was present at the signing of the contract for Dethklok. When Roy Cornickelson's son, Damien Cornickelson, insulted him and his taste in music, Nathan responded with a violent punch to the face. Damien carried a grudge against him ever since. Shortly after this, Nathan and Magnus got into a disagreement over leadership of the band, and in a fit of rage, Magnus tried to murder him, stabbing him in the upper shoulder area of his back. Nathan beat him up in response and kicked him out of Dethklok permanently.

Despite Skwisgaar's objections, Dethklok was ordered to find a new rhythm guitarist. The band agrees that if no one can beat Skwisgaar's skill with the guitar, they will allow the band to go without a second guitar. All the applicants failed to match Skwisgaar's godly skill when a Norwegian teenager named Toki Wartooth arrives late to the audition. Though Toki was also no match for the Swedish guitarist, his potential and talent impressed Skwisgaar so much that he let him in Dethklok. That choice skyrocketed the band into untold wealth and fame, and its members became living legends. The name "Dethklok" became a chant universally echoed by fans throughout the entire world.

Season 1[]

Nathan studies for his GED, but fails when he neglects to answer any of the questions on the exam. He gives a speech to Harvard's graduating class about the meaninglessness of academic achievement.

Nathan starts to date an actress, Rebecca Nightrod, who his bandmates dislike because she is controlling toward Nathan and will not allow him to participate in their usual antics. Toki and the others literally torture Nathan until he agrees to dump her. However, she falls down several flights of stairs and into a coma, leading Nathan to declare her the ultimate girlfriend.

Season 2[]

Nathan attempts to get in touch with his roots after reading his grandmother's diary and discovering that he is in fact a quarter Amazonian in heritage. He leads an expedition into the Amazon jungle to make contact with the indigenous Yaneemango tribe, of whom Nathan's grandfather was a warrior chief. Dethklok discovers their faces have been carved into the mountainside by the Yaneemango, who worship Dethklok and treat them to exotic hallucinogenic drugs.

Nathan's home-state of Florida rises up against their anti-Dethklok governor, violently assassinating him and demanding Nathan as their new governor, which leads to a state of utter lawlessness and proves to be a disaster for everyone. Not knowing any other way to respond to the chaos, Dethklok plays a concert, which conjures a hurricane Nathan christens Scrambles: The Death Dealer. As they depart the state which is now in ruins Nathan determines that he has made it a better place, and is called "the best governor Florida ever had."

Rebecca cheats and breaks up with Nathan (despite being in an immobilizing coma) and Nathan decides to start dating again. This proves extremely challenging as his bandmates do everything they can to make his dates awkward and unsuccessful. Meanwhile, he is stalked by a woman named Lavona Succuboso, leader of an extremist group of female fans hoping to abduct Nathan and bear his children.

When Mordhaus is attacked by The Revengencers, Nathan discovers Toki trapped and barely conscious under some burning debris. He carries Toki to safety and takes the opportunity to tell him he is worried that Toki has become an alcoholic. He is also confronted by Lavona, who is knocked unconscious by Toki. Nathan also saves Offdensen from The Man With the Silver Face.

Season 3[]

Nathan struggles to keep the band safe during Offdensen's recovery period and extended absence, but the manager mysteriously reappears just in the nick of time, promising to explain later. Nathan continues to develop his leadership skills as well as his relationships with his bandmates and their manager, and experiences no major personal incidents for some time, with the exception of a scary dental appointment.

Nathan christmas

Nathan wearing his Christmas sweater

During the time Murderface is making a Christmas special with Knubbler, he's impressed William would actually stay with a project that long until he learns that the event is sponsored by the church and punches Murderface for lying.

Season 4[]

Nathan briefly sees a new girlfriend, Trindle, who is very clingy and fanatic about Dethklok in general. Nathan is infatuated with her looks and constant desire to please him. As usual, his bandmates dislike her and urge him to break up with her. He is later dismayed to learn she has been cheating on him and will hook up with anyone who looks like him. She commits suicide in front of the band by detonating an explosive device in an attempt to take them down with her.

Nathan adopts a new catchphrase, "That's doable!" This phrase can also be used in the negative, e.g. "That's SO not doable!"

Nathan is plagued by nightmares of an ocean goddess, a massive whale who warns him that there is something wrong with Dethklok's new record, which is soon to be released. His premonition coincides with worldwide storms which destroy all copies of the record being shipped. Just as he and Pickles are preparing to embark on an extravagant booze-fuelled vacation, Nathan takes an axe to the final remaining copy of the record, destroying the unreleased songs forever and punching Pickles in the face in the process. This incident marks the beginning of the deterioration of his friendship with Pickles.

Following the loss of the record there is a lot of pressure on Nathan, and Offdensen dismisses Dick Knubbler in favor of a new producer, Abigail Remeltindrinc, hoping she will get the band back on track in terms of productivity. Nathan is at first taken aback by Abigail, who is not intimidated by him and speaks to him in a very frank manner. She teaches him a lesson by sending him on a no-frills trip to the Middle East, where Nathan and the band experience life without their various helpers and handlers arranging everything for them. The band finds themselves lost and hungry on the streets, and Pickles finally snaps and tells Nathan he is still angry at him about destroying the record and for the way he's been leading the band lately, a confrontation which is awkward for everyone. Just then the band is kidnapped, and Nathan has to write a new song in order to save them, ending his period of writer's block.

Nathan continues to act as a protective figure toward Toki, and takes concern over Toki's preparations to visit a summer camp. He gives Toki a snowglobe replica of Mordhaus to remind him of home, which Toki carries with him. When Toki is bullied at camp and the snowglobe is destroyed, Nathan becomes enraged, warning the bully, "Oh shit, kid! You just fucked up real bad!" before chasing him into the woods and mutilating his hand with the broken glass.

Offdensen orders Dethklok into seclusion in the Dethsub to force them to focus on music, at which point Nathan admits that he has become attracted to Abigail. Pickles also expresses interest in her and challenges Nathan over whom she prefers. Abigail rejects Pickles and the rest of the band's attempts to hit on her, but ends up hooking up with Nathan in a heated moment when they are left alone in the recording studio. She regrets breaking her moral policy against getting intimately involved with the musicians she works with, however, Nathan subsequently develops feelings for Abigail and confides in Skwisgaar that he intends to marry her. At a large dinner ceremony with Dethklok's record executives and distributors, Nathan publicly declares them a couple, shocking Abigail herself and infuriating Pickles, who calls him a "greedy, fat asshole" and quits the band on the spot.

Nathan stubbornly refuses to apologize to Pickles, even though Abigail refuses to acknowledge him. He announces Dethklok's disbandment to the world, shocking everyone. He and Skwisgaar try to develop a new band concept with the help of Dick Knubbler, but are unable to find a good sound without simply imitating Dethklok. The Tribunal is concerned that The Prophecy has been disrupted and Mr Salacia reveals himself to them at their final concert in Iceland, murdering Roy Cornickelson in front of them. This prompts Offdensen to introduce the band to Ishnifus Meaddle, who explains The Prophecy to them and tells Nathan his premonition to destroy the record was correct. At Cornickelson's funeral Nathan has an emotional breakdown and apologizes to Pickles while delivering the eulogy speech. They hug and reconcile, but the band is suddenly attacked by The Revengencers and Toki and Abigail are kidnapped.

The Doomstar Requiem[]

Nathan and Dethklok indulge in booze, drugs, and antics to distract themselves from the fact that Toki is missing. Nathan continues to fantasize about Abigail, although he is unsure if she is still alive. After much coaxing from Offdensen, Ishnifus, and Dethklok's followers, Nathan musters the courage to lead Dethklok into The Revengencers' hideout and save Toki and Abigail. The Man With the Silver Face and Magnus are finally vanquished, and Dethklok celebrates Toki's recovery with a large concert in his honor, during which Nathan proclaims Toki as a brother. Nathan and Abigail kiss passionately.

Army Of The Doomstar[]


Collapsed on the ground.

Whilst the other band members struggle to recollect any information from the events of The Doomstar Requiem, Nathan remains acutely aware of what happened and is seen dealing with flashbacks multiple times, such as on stage during a band interview at the beginning of the film upon being asked about Magnus Hammersmith. Shortly after this band interview, the band goes on stage to perform Blazing Star. Nathan becomes increasingly stressed out by the pyrotechnics on either side of the stage, is overcome by more flashbacks, and then collapses. Nathan shows signs of PTSD due to these memories and is prescribed Xanax. Alongside taking Xanax, he admits to drinking coffee and red wine together, which cause adverse side-effects to his health and ability to communicate. This is made clear upon his entrance to the Church of the Black Klok during Ishnifus' funeral where he is seen stumbling into the building, holding a cup of coffee and trembling profusely.


The wedding ring.

His entrance to Ishnifus' funeral is considerably disruptive, as he barges into the Church and begins to shout across the building to speak to the others. He is seen wearing slippers and a hospital gown (which confirms the fans' speculation that Nathan was resting in a hospital ward at Mordhaus). He has a brief yet vehement conversation with Charles, where he is told that fear engulfs him and he will drown if he does not overcome his traumatic past. He is told about the future of the Metalocalypse and asked to work on the SOS, but states he refuses to take responsibility for this and that he would prefer a more tranquil life, similar to Skwisgaar's search of humanity in Fatherklok. Abigail enters the Church, and Nathan is quick to drop to his knees and confess his love for Abigail, humiliating himself in front of the churchgoers. He then asks for her hand in marriage, which she declines, sending him into a fit of denial and anger. Nathan rushes out of the Church doors and is confronted with a sea-like crowd of fans as they all ask questions regarding Dethklok and their music. Irritated and overwhelmed, he yells at them and 'breaks up' with them, stating they're "all a bunch of idiot fans" and that the reason he is "all screwed up" is because of them.


Writer's block.

He secludes himself in his bedroom to think before admitting to the band that he has no one else- that they are the only people he can turn to. He decides to accept his duties, and accepts being sent away to work on the Song of Salvation. Upon meeting Dick Knubbler, each member is given their own familial role to symbolize their position in the band. Nathan is assigned the father of the band. In his own words, he refers to himself as the 'lyricist/frontman', and 'the fucking king, basically.' The importance of this is emphasized several times, as Knubbler states the weight of the world will fall upon him. Throughout his spiritual journey alongside Knubbler, Nathan struggles to figure out a person to dedicate the Song of Salvation to. He writes down Magnus, Abigail, and a few other names, but crosses them all out.


Nathan Explosion Flat Out Sucks Now.


Wrong man for the job.

Upon being visited by Nathan late at night, Murderface's room is barged into as it is revealed he has brought a laptop with him to the spiritual excursion. Murderface warns him not to look online, but Nathan ignores his statements. He comes across a variety of web articles written about him, with headlines such as 'Nathan Explosion Flat Out Sucks Now' and 'WRONG MAN FOR THE JOB'. His emotions go from insecure to angered and irritated. He attempts to call his parents, Oscar and Rose Explosion, but is left more frustrated, and shuts the laptop forcefully. Knubbler walks in on him after being told alerted by Murderface, leaving Nathan alone for the rest of the night.

A new task is brought upon Nathan shortly after, which consists of him climbing up a small mountainous structure, holding a large variety of water buckets. He struggles and fails to reach the top, and is told that it is not about making it to the top, but rather what he does when he falls over- a metaphor for his overarching journey. After a lengthy conversation with the band where Nathan reveals he struggles with the concept of hope and can only fully grasp brutality as a concept, Knubbler decides to bring out his last and most important lesson- drugs. Both Nathan and Knubbler sit together by the sea shore before a towel on the ground. On top of this towel sits several drugs and substances which Knubbler prepares for the frontman to use. Upon doing so, Nathan sees the water beast once more, who advises him that he must choose one- the fist, or the open hand.

The deadline comes by and Dethklok prepares to partake in the final concert, where they go on to perform Aortic Desecration. Right before the performance starts, Nathan has an epiphany, and realizes that he's written the wrong song. He's left in shock and in regret, with unfortunately no choice but to perform anyways. What follows is carnage as the world is bombarded by explosions and destruction, which Dethklok barely survives.


"Come back."

They get away from the destruction to a secluded cave where they come across General Crozier, who tells them about Salacia's plan and mind control. Once Skwisgaar reveals that the next victim of Salacia's possession is Murderface (spelled DEADFACE on the wall), Nathan chases after Murderface. He offers his open hand at first, which Murderface refuses, and the band is forced to hold him tightly underneath water in an amateur exorcism. They sit there in silence, convinced that they have all killed their bandmate, before Salacia's influence leaves Murderface and brings him back to them. Shortly after, Nathan is given a pep talk by Pickles which includes being smacked in the face. Pickles tells him that his isolation is his fault, explaining that no one else has been cutting him off, and that Nathan has been pushing everyone out of his life. He takes a moment to think before concluding that his final message is "Come back. Come back, and maybe together, we can fight all of this." It is this final decision that later influences his rewritten Song of Salvation.


"You're the army of the doomstar."

After breaking free from Salacia's contraption meant to harness their power, Nathan is rendered unconscious. Dethklok stands around him in worry, but he wakes up soon as the rest of the band (and the proper Army of the Doomstar) harness the Dethlights together to defeat Salacia. During his message to the fans after the world has been saved, he professes his love and affinity for the fans and his appreciation for the band, a stark contrast to the previous 'break-up'.