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Nathan Blowup
Nathan Blowup header
Background information
Full name Nathan Blowup
Sex Male
Mortality Dead (presumed)
Origin United States
Role Vocalist of Thunderhorse (formerly)
Member of Serpents N’ Containers
Relations Nathan Explosion (idol)

Nathan Blowup is a Nathan Explosion impersonator, formerly fronting the Dethklok tribute band Thunderhorse. After Thunderhorse was taken over by Dethklok, the original members of Thunderhorse would found Serpents N’ Containers—this time a tribute band to Snakes N' Barrels.

He is first introduced in the Season 3 episode Tributeklok, but is later seen in the Season 4 premiere, Fanklok in a brief cameo, as he appears at Trindle's "Suk-a-Thon." Due to his presence at the Suk-a-Thon, it can be said that he is dead, given the explosions and destruction that claimed the Klokikon building not long after.