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Number 216
“Hey dildo—I’m 216!”
Background information
Full name Unknown
Sex Male
Mortality Dead (presumed)
Origin United States
Role Klokateer
Relations Charles F. Offdensen (boss)
Affiliations Dethklok
Voiced by Unknown

#216 was one of the many Klokateers who serve Dethklok. He was often recognizable by being the only known Klokateer with dwarfism, and later, by his codpiece.


Season I: The Metalocalypse Has Begun[]

He first appeared in “Murdering Outside the Box”, where he mistakenly attacks Agent 216, the disguised assassin, when he thought the assassin was trying claim his raffle prize. This results in a brutal fistfight between the 216s, which ends with the assassin being tripped by #216, causing him to fall face first onto the codpiece, impaling the assassin’s face and killing him. #216 was later seen at the assassin’s Viking funeral in a wheelchair, wearing the codpiece.

Season II: Black Fire Upon Us[]

He was seen in “Dethcarraldo” manning a large chain gun pod, wearing his prized codpiece, and viewing a porn magazine while waiting for the massive gun to be reloaded. In “Dethrelease”, #216 could be seen with Charles and a fellow Klokateer standing near the Dethkopter prior to the launch of the release concert.

Season III: The Dead Man[]

In “Renovationklok”, he was seen chastising an old woman, along with a group of Klokateers who didn’t get their paychecks, outside a store. In “Dethmas”, he was briefly shown helping Toki by using measuring tape to create an outfit for the Christmas special. In “Doublebookedklok”, he was among the group of Klokateers present when Charles was discussing selling dethcones to help with their financial problems.

Season IV: Church of the Black Klok[]

In “Fanklok”, he was shown to be at Klokikon amongst the furry fans, before the event was bombed by Trindle. This is his last appearance during the series and it’s unknown if he was killed or not.


  • He appeared to be a Level 3 employee.
  • His number was the product of 6×6×6.

Body count[]

  1. Klokateer-in-training
  2. Agent 216 (“Murdering Outside the Box”)
  3. Untold damage on Orlaag’s Amazon taskforce (“Dethcarraldo”)


  1. Murdering Outside the Box(debut)
  2. Dethcarraldo
  3. Dethrelease
  4. Renovationklok
  5. Dethmas
  6. Doublebookedklok
  7. Recruitment Center Archival Video #783,374(special feature)
  8. Fanklok(death)