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— Number 216
Number 216

Number 216 kicking some ass.

Number 216 is a midget who works for Dethklok as one of the Klokateers. He first appeared in the episode Murdering Outside The Box. He was the winner of Murderface's rhino horn shaped "diamond-encrusted, titanium-base codpiece" a raffle prize he wins at Dethklok's Annual Employee Conference Conference & Raffel. He also unwittingly saved Dethklok from being killed by Tribunal spy/assassin, Agent 216. Despite his small size he is shown to be a capable fighter given the fact he was able to take on a trained assassin. He is also shown to be able to man a chaingun.


In Mudering Outside The Box, he mistakenly attacks the disguised assassin, Agent 216, when he thought he was trying claim "his" raffle prize. This results in a brutal fist-fight between the Klokateer & the assassin, which ends with the assassin being tripped by Number 216, causing him to fall face-first onto the codpiece impaling the assassin's face, killing him. Number 216 is later seen at the assassin's Viking Funeral in a wheelchair wearing the codpiece (his raffle prize) that killed the assassin.

In Season 2, he is seen in the Dethcarraldo episode manning a large chaingun pod, wearing his prized codpiece and viewing a porn magazine while waiting for the massive gun to be reloaded. In "Dethrelease," Number 216 can be seen with Ofdensen and a fellow Klokateer standing near the Dethcopter prior to the launch of the release concert.

In Season 3, in the episode RenovationKlok he is seen along with a group of Klokateers who didn't get their paychecks outside a store heckling an old woman.


  • He appears to be a Level 3 employee.
  • His number is the product of 6*6*6.
  • His appearances could be considered an "easter egg" within the series as he is one of the few klokateers that has a stand out design.