Number 421

Number 421 talking with Dethklok.

Number 421 is a Klokateer and microphone cleaner (making him a level-3 employee). He is part of the Sector 18 recording studio maintenance clean team. He underwent an employee evaluation along with all of Dethklok's employees in "Murdering Outside The Box". Nathan asks if he is the one embezzling money from Dethklok, to which he truthfully responds "No". When Pickles asks him a nonsensical question written by Skwisgaar, he has no difficulty in answering to Skwisgaar's satisfaction. 421 was married to a woman named Rachel (whom he has since divorced) and has two children, Amanda and Scott. His birthday is revealed to be two weeks after the employee evaluation, and the band members are satisfied with his performance. 421 speaks with a slight British accent.