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Many Years Ago...

Old Mordhaus was Dethklok's residence during the earlier years of their existence as a band. It is a predecessor to Mordhaus.


Properly introduced in the Season 4 episode Dethcamp, Old Mordhaus is a small apartment building with a main room (living room with an 'open' kitchen) and a few other rooms behind the door in the back. In the earlier days, the main room served as a practice space for the young band, finding ways to share the cramped space. Homemade materials can be seen plastered on the walls for cheap sound isolation, although it is later torn down by Magnus when he trashes the place upon being kicked out of the band. He replaces these with writing on the wall that reads MURDERFACE IS STUPID, and also writes REVENGE IS COMING in large, bold letters on the other wall.

However, Old Mordhaus has been seen before Dethcamp. For example, in the Season 3 episode Tributeklok, Dethklok is seen returning to Old Mordhaus to attend a party as their tribute alter-egos Thunderhorse. The same building is also seen during a flashback sequence in Rehabklok during part of Pickles' rehab song.


  • Due to the re-usage of sets and backgrounds, there is a continuity error in Rehabklok when Pickles is seen standing in Not-Mordhaus. Although he is a teenager in the flashback, there is a Dethklok (The Dethalbum) poster on the wall behind him.
  • While there's nothing in either Tributeklok or Dethcamp establishing where exactly it's located the Season 3 Extra "Places" has Facebones use these visuals while ranting about the state of Arizona seemingly confirming what state it's in.
  • In each scene where the floor is visible, regardless of episode, there is a singular sandal left alone on the ground. The cupboard in the back is also consistently broken with each shot.
  • Interestingly enough, the entire theme of Tributeklok is that Dethklok is attempting to return to their roots, giving more meaning to the fact they were spotted in Old Mordhaus.