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Oscar Explosion
Background information
Sex Male
Mortality Alive
Origin Tampa, Florida
Relations Rose Explosion (wife)
Nathan Explosion (son)
Chief Otoe (Father-in-law)
Nathan's grandmother (Mother-in-law)
Affiliations Dethklok
Voiced by Mark Hamill

Oscar Explosion is the husband of Rose Explosion and the father of Nathan Explosion.


He seems to have a military background and is the only of Dethklok's fathers to have a positive, healthy relationship with his son. It is also shown that Nathan loves his father as well and the two can often be seen bonding.

He was revealed to have some resentment towards Nathan (or simply towards parenthood) because he had to buy "little kids" clothes instead of beer when his son was an infant as stated in "Dethfam".

Major Appearances[]

Oscar was first introduced in Dethfam where he and his wife tried to spend time with Nathan who was so uncomfortable that he said he wanted to die. Oscar was also oblivious to the advances of Surfetta Skwigelf.

When Dethklok became annoyed with their parents, each parents brought up their own resentment of them or rather parenthood. Oscar told his son that he was happy before his birth and it was brutal for him to give up his money to support him and putting up with his overbearing wife . Her declaration was followed up by the rest of the parents before they all screamed. This left the band in complete shock and fear at how their parents suffered with them.

Later episodes, however, prove he does in general love Nathan, being one of the few people his son will openly consider "awesome." Nathan admitted to his bandmates that he and his father get along and he will be upset if his father died.

He has considerably fewer appearances on the show than his wife. However, he returns in Army of the Doomstar, on a video call alongside Rose. He attempts to give Nathan tips for writing the Song of Salvation, but fails to understand the gravity of the situation, causing Nathan to hang up in frustration.