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Pain Waivers are a form of legal contract that removes Dethklok and their company from any and all liability as a result of the signer's injury and/or possible death, a common fate for most people who come in contact with Dethklok. They are mainly used to protect Dethklok from being sued by an injured party or by a deceased's loved ones or dependants.

All of those who wish to attend Dethklok's concerts and events must sign a Pain Waiver before even being allowed near Dethklok. Despite the risks, billions of fans willingly sign Pain Waivers in order to attend Dethklok concerts and events, often at their own peril (most fans sign them without a second thought).

Other Waivers[]


Dethklok paternity waiver

Paternity Waivers
Paternity Waivers are waivers that must be signed by any man woman or child who wishes to go backstage or have any audience with Skwisgaar Skwigelf. It protects Dethklok members from any paternity suit filed against them (as revealed by Ofdensen in "Fatherklok"). These waivers disallow even the notion that Skwisgaar could be the father of a child.