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The front of the store.

Pawn Shop (stylized as "Pawn $hop") is a trade-and-sell store featured in the Season 1 episode Snakes N' Barrels, and the Season 3 episode Dethmas. It is located on Fairfax and Wilson, and its headline is Sell - Swap - Shop.

Some technology that can be swapped, sold and shopped for includes instruments, TVs, computers, and camera. Jewelry, gold, tools, and even loans are also listed as available.

While not seen frequently, the owner of the shop provides meaningful insight to Pickles' backstory, and recalls a time where he sold a guitar to young Pickles after he'd recently run away from home.

During the events of Dethmas, the store owner is pestered by Dr. Rockzo as he attempts to pawn off Toki's Christmas gifts for his bandmates and their families in exchange for drug money.


  • The owner of the pawn shop is voiced by Brendon Small, and shares a general tone of voice with Mashed Potato Johnson.
  • The guitar sold to Pickles at a young age was a Gibson Les Paul gold-top with humbuckers.
  • Other guitars visible in the shop are a purple Gibson Thunderbird bass and a dark blue + white Gibson Explorer.
  • The exact details of where the Pawn Shop is located are ambiguous beyond "on Fairfax and Wilson."
    • Both Fairfax and Wilson are common street and districts, found in both California and Wisconsin. This is in line with the typical ambiguity of where places are in Metalocalypse, similar to how the location of Mordhaus is uncertain.