Planet Piss is the long-awaited side project of Dethklok bassist William Murderface.

Planet Piss is first mentioned by Murderface after a disappointing birthday party in which the rest of the members of Dethklok performed for him a pessimistic birthday song about dying (known as "Birthday Dethday"), Jean-Pierre baked for him a mercury-frosted birthday cake which he disliked upon first sight, Dr. Rockzo made him a guitar-shaped balloon, and he got nothing as a birthday present.

Its first song, Planet Piss, is similar sounding to groove metal, industrial metal or nu metal. Dick "Magic Ears" Knubbler helps Murderface record the first Planet Piss song in Dethkids, and continues to edit the recorded material with Pro Tools. In Snakes N' Barrels, Murderface can be seen carving "Planet Piss" on a tree. In Cleanso, it is revealed that Murderface has only written songs for Planet Piss, despite claiming to be the "lead songwriter" of Dethklok. In Snakes N' Barrels II, Murderface attempts to create a website for Planet Piss, but Toki Wartooth takes the domain first and makes it a Murderface bestiality site.  Later, Murderface writes a second song called Takin' It Easy which features Toki, and is decidedly "un-metal", and pitches it to the rest of the band for inclusion of the new album, although it is rejected. Murderface decides to keep it for Planet Piss, which prompts Toki to say, "Does this mean I'm in Planet Piss now?" When Murderface declines, Toki threatens to throw a basket of hot towels at him.

It is possible that Planet Piss will be signed with MurderTooth Records as the label itself was started by Murderface & Toki (both of whom have co-ownership of the Planet Piss brand).

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The domain was taken by an unknown blogger and made to mirror the bestiality page Toki made, but this page has been taken down since then.