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Purple Alert is an alert/threat level used by the Tribunal. So far, it has only been used once: when Dethklok vocalist Nathan Explosion was appointed governor of Florida. After it was suggested by Senator Stampingston, the Tribunal's headquarters started to flash a light purple with a constant beep. Despite the danger, the Tribunal seemed to be rather annoyed by it, especially Mr. Salacia. The Tribunal all looked at each other, visibly annoyed, and said nothing.

Purple Alert status appears to be related to Dethklok or its members gaining a political position and the possible threat they might pose due to their political position.


  • Purple Alert is likely a parody of the Homeland Security Advisory System, as purple is not included in the system.
  • The beep sound is very similar to the "Tactical Nuke" alert on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
  • The beep is also the same as that in Rusty Venture’s bedroom in Venture Bros.