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Rebecca Nightrod
Background information
Sex Female
Mortality Alive, comatose
Role Nathan's (ex-)partner
Voiced by Laura Silverman
Quote open YOU SAID WE'D GO TO 'BED BATH & BEYOND'! Quote close
— Rebecca on the phone to Nathan
Rebecca Nightrod

Rebecca Nightrod

Rebecca Nightrod, voiced by Laura Silverman, is Nathan’s demanding, shrewish ex-girlfriend, a professional tennis player turned sitcom actress and model. She is controlling and never allows Nathan to speak, and he admits that he is afraid of her and his hatred for her is “the most brutal thing ever”, going so far as to say "If she were a street gang, I`d go to war with her with bottles and chains." When he finally prepares to break up with her, she falls down several flights of stairs, ending up disfigured and in a coma, which prompts Nathan to change his mind about ending their relationship (she is now the “ultimate” girlfriend, as she can no longer terrorize him).

Rebecca Nightrod Coma

Rebecca in her coma.

In "Klokblocked", Nathan learns that Rebecca, has already found a new boyfriend while still in a coma.