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"Religionklok" is the fifteenth episode of Metalocalypse. It aired on November 12, 2006, on Adult Swim.


Murderface is thrown from the Dethbike with Nathan drunk at the wheel.  The near-death experience inspires him to find religion.


After closing a bar down, the band heads home on the Murdercycle with each member in one of its four sidecars, and Nathan drunk at the wheel. A rowdy Murderface stands up during the trip and slams into a signpost.  Ejected, his face grinds into the road until he finally comes to a stop.  A passing vehicle runs over his legs.

Near death experience[]

The band brings gifts to Murderface in his hospital room, where Nathan's awkward apology leads to further injury.  Murderface announces that he is motivated by his near-death experience to explore religion.

Murderface’s announcement is now a topic for the Tribunal: Stampingston opens the discussion concerning the risks associated with a celebrity such as Murderface becoming religious. Crozier abruptly states his desire to intervene, directed at Mr. Salacia. Salacia becomes irate, leading Cardinal Ravenwood and Crozier to exchange concerned glances.

Late at night Cardinal Ravenwood and Crozier meet privately at Burzum’s restaurant. Crozier has managed to procure a photograph of Mr. Salacia, but he explains how Salacia’s background is murky, without much information at all. Cardinal Ravenwood describes dreams he has been having about Mr. Salacia, who speaks to him in an “ancient language” that he cannot understand. Crozier asks for Ravenwood’s help executing his plans. Ravenwood agrees.

In search for a religious epiphany[]

His bandmates quickly become annoyed with Murderface, viewing his search for religion as a distraction, but Murderface manages to convince them to help him by joining him at a Christian rock show. Toki’s attempt to start a mosh pit quickly brings it to a disastrous end. The band then attends a service at an Atheist church, but get unnerved when violent Agnostics begin picketing and attacking the church.  Murderface’s behavior becomes increasingly bizarre, and the band grows increasingly frustrated with him.  At one point he asks for a “sign”, and immediately receives a call from the Church of Satan.  Ultimately Murderface finds it completely boring, and disillusioned with religion altogether, he stands up to declare that all religions are the same. He then asks where the nearest bar is.

The band ends up at the same bar.  Back at the Satanic Church, demons emerge from the floor, and Cardinal Ravenwood prays frantically.



  • Corpse count: 2 people (mangled in a highway accident); Siamese fighting fish (mutilated by each other); Christian singer (impaled by table leg) and agnostic (impaled by flying sign).
  • In the Metalocalypse universe the Satanic Church is significant enough to have their own churches and organized services (with ministers as boring as their Catholic counterparts).
  • The Satanic minister reappears as an amusement park visitor in a season 3 extra.