"Religionklok" is the fifteenth episode of Metalocalypse. It aired on November 19, 2006 on Adult Swim.


Murderface suffers from a near-death experience after he falls off the Dethbike while Nathan was drunk-driving. This inspires him to seek out religion.


The episode begins with the band drinking at a bar.  Once the bar closes, they head home with Nathan driving the Murdercycle while heavily drunk. Murderface stands up in his sidecar, and crashes into a signpost, knocking him onto the road where he skins his face on the concrete and gets his legs run over by a passing vehicle.

Near death experienceEdit

The next scene shows Murderface in the hospital, with the band in his room, bringing him gifts.  After an awkward apology from Nathan which leads to further injury, Murderface announces that his near death experiences has motivated him to explore religion.

The Tribunal convenes about Murderface’s decision.  Stampingston discusses the risks of a celebrity like Murderface becoming religious, and Crozier reacts very abruptly, announcing his desire to intervene to Mr. Salacia.  Mr. Salacia becomes irate with the General. Cardinal Ravenwood exchanges a concerned glance with Crozier, and the next scene shows them meeting at Burzum’s.  It appears to be very late at night.  Crozier shows a photograph he managed to procure of Mr. Salacia, but explains that Salacia’s background is murky and that he could not find much information on him at all.  Cardinal Ravenwood explains that he has dreams about Mr. Salacia, in which he speaks to him in an “ancient language” that he cannot understand.  Crozier asks for Ravenwood’s help in executing his plans, and Ravenwood agrees.

In search for a religious epiphanyEdit

Dethklok quickly becomes frustrated with Murderface being distracted by his trying to find a religion, but Murderface convinces them to help him in his search.  They accompany him to a Christian rock band performance which ends in disaster due to Toki’s attempt to start a mosh pit, and to a “Church of the Satan” service, which ends in the church being picketed by violent Agnostics.

Murderface’s behavior becomes even more bizarre as time goes on, and the band becomes even more frustrated with him.  He asks for a “sign”, and immediately receives a call from the Church of Satan.  He attends one of their services with the rest of the band, and finds it completely boring.  Disillusioned with religion altogether, he stands up and announces that all religions are the same and asks where the nearest bar is.

The band then ends up at the same bar they were drinking at during the beginning of the episode.  Back in the Satanic Church, demons emerge from the floor, and Cardinal Ravenwood is shown praying frantically.



  • Corpse count: 2 people (mangled in a highway accident); Siamese fighting fish (mutilated by each other); christian singer (impaled by table leg) and agnostic (impaled by flying sign).
  • In the Metalocalypse universe the Satanic Church are large and organized enough to have their own churches and organized services (and have ministers as boring as the Catholic ones).
  • The Satanic minister reappears as an amusement park goer in a season 3 extra.