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Renovationklok” is the first episode in the third season of Metalocalypse.


Believing that their manager—Charles F. Offdensen—is dead, Dethklok decides to take his place and manage themselves. However, they are extremely reckless with their money which later becomes a problem when they find that their record company’s new boss will not allow them to make their money back until they sign a new and unreasonable contract.


The episode begins with a flashback of the day Dethklok (sans Toki) was signed to Crystal Mountain Records, mediated by Charles. After Dethklok signs their contract, Damien Cornickelson, son of the Label's founder Roy Cornickelson, appears demanding heroin money. Immediately, upon seeing Dethklok, Damien insults the band, stating that his father would “just let anybody in [the company],” and specifically targets Nathan by calling him a “long-haired monkey.” Nathan retaliates by death clocking Damien in the face. After Charles intercepts his retaliating punch, Damien runs away, shouting that Nathan will “be sorry for that, you son of a bitch,” claiming that he’ll “never fucking forget [Nathan] did this!"

Nathan apologizes to Charles about assaulting Damien. Although he isn’t angry, he does reprimand Nathan and the band and makes it clear that they should “pay attention to this contractual stuff because, uh, what if I’m not around in the future?” A static montage of the events of Dethrelease flash on the screen as his words echo in the background. In the very last shot, Charles is lying on the ground, bruised and bloodied with a white caption of his full name followed by the words “Rest In Peace” along the bottom.

Under no management[]

The scene cuts to present day Mordhaus in which Pickles is suddenly awoken by the sounds of construction. After complaining about the loudness, Pickles vomits all over one of two groupies in his bed, causing a chain reaction of puking. Nathan is then depicted angrily shouting that they should “shut up with the fucking construction” because “hungover people are trying to sleep.” To dull out the noise, Nathan turns on music, before being interrupted by “some guy who snuck right in.”

Nathan and Pickles walk into Mordhaus’ living room and are greeted by the rest of the band alongside an interior designer that Murderface sexually gropes and subsequently fires after she blatantly rejects his advances. The band walks the designer, Nathan’s fan and Pickles’ groupies to the exit. Walking out, all four immediately plummet to their presumed doomed as Mordhaus is shown floating in the sky, a fact that Dethklok seems to often forget.

During a news cast, the band is shown at several press conferences discussing their new plans to take on their own management. Their main idea is to play their most expensive show ever, using tickets that are “pentuple” the price it normally is in an attempt to boost the economy. Unfortunately, the band is having trouble controlling their spending habits and waste billions of dollars on “vanity projects,” including: Pussy Blockers (sunglasses for cats), the Super Tits Candy Snake project (an unfinished amusement park), and Dorito Land (ninety acres worth of corn silos converted into Cool Ranch Dorito dispensers, not open to the public). The only thing that Dethklok is concerned about, however, is what they want their living room to look like, as “that’s  the most important decision because that’s the room that everyone shares.”

Couch pennies[]

Dethklok renovation results

Dethklok attempts the renovation

Without Charles' guidance, Dethklok has no idea how to manage their finances and continues to spend money on unnecessary and controversial renovations, including: scream-activated lighting, a platinum practice chamber, and an endangered species furniture room. Only when the Klokateers report that the their checks have bounced that the band realizes how irresponsible they had been and decide to be more cautious about their spending.

Toki amateur night

Toki works it during amateur night

Damien Cornickelson, heading the label while his father is terminally ill, sees his opportunity for vengeance against Dethklok during their most vulnerable time, and demands that they sign an extremely flawed, unfair contract—one that would benefit the company and ruin the band financially—before they would be allowed to play another show. Dethklok decides to wait it out until the concert, hoping that Damien is bluffing. The Tribunal consults an expert on the band’s financial straits, while Dethklok is forced to make changes in their lifestyle to “cut down on spending,” and are limited to subpar food, scavenging loose change in the couch, and finishing Mordhaus’ renovations with their own unskilled hands.

Calling his bluff[]

Dethklok’s only chance at refusing the record label’s “renegotiation” is to immediately execute their most expensive concert ever. Partway through the first song, Damien shuts down the performance and Dethklok gives in. Nathan is about to write his signature when Charles appears and without a single word spoken, Nathan launches a punch square into Damien’s face, knocking him out. Charles then states that he is going to “have a little meeting” with the label executives while they play.

After the concert is over, Nathan asks Charles where he’d been the past nine months, and how he’d survived. He gives a cryptic statement in response saying that he would tell the band where he had been when the time came.

Songs featured[]

Running gags[]


  • Magnus Hammersmith is vaguely introduced in this episode, revealing that Toki Wartooth is not a founding member of Dethklok, although his name and character is not revealed.
  • Charles F. Offdensen gained a scar on his upper left cheekbone, as shown when he returns.
  • When Murderface lays out his plan to renovate the living room “badass Arizona-style, like Tucson, [or] Scottsdale,” Nathan rejects the idea, reminding Murderface that how he feels about sand is well known within the band.
  • When renegotiating their contract, Dethklok seems to know next to nothing, despite having extensive knowledge on contracting in a previous episode, Bluesklok.
  • Despite Damien's claims that his father is terminally ill, the next time Roy appears he is presented as being in good health.
  • Crystal Mountain Records is named in reference to the song “Crystal Mountain” by genre-pioneering American death metal band Death.
  • The 7-Eleven parody Chimaira Mart is named in reference to the American metal band Chimaira.
  • Dimmu Burger, appearing during the newspaper montage, is named in reference to the Norwegian symphonic metal band Dimmu Borgir.
  • The Fintrolls supermarket is named in reference to Finnish folk metal-black metal band Finntroll.