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Rikki Kixx
Background information
Sex Male
Mortality (Presumably) Alive
Origin USA
Role Singer/Frontman for Snakes n' Barrels (replacement for pickles), Owner/Operator of Rikki Kixx's "Kikkin It" Rehab Center
Affiliations Snakes n' Barrels
Voiced by Mike Patton
Quote open Damn you, sobriety, you horrid fucking monster! Quote close
Rikki Kixx

Rikki Kixx is a rockstar and performer who advocates for sobriety and rehabilitation of other rockstars in the industry, seen in the Season 2 episode, Snakes N' Barrels II. He vows to make rock n' roll clean again, and has his own rehabilitation center by the name of Rikki Kixx's "Kikkin It" Rehab Center.

After finding Snakes n' Barrels in turmoil due to having taken the Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake which left them as 'blank slates, ready to be reprogrammed', he takes them under his wing and introduces them to a new life of sobriety. While doing so, he becomes the replacement for Pickles, as he takes the role of lead singer and frontman of the band.

While his actions regarding rehabilitation and sobriety may seem as though they are done with good intent, it is revealed that Rikki wants to work towards a future where he may force everyone into sobriety. His motivation for doing this is the fact that he no longer can do drugs or alcohol due to health issues, and sobriety has been a living hell for him. This jealousy runs deep, and causes violent rage within him, which results in him strangling his aide to death in order to keep his secret private.

In order to further spread his agenda of cleaning up rock n' roll, he organizes the SOBERTOWN USA concert, which is endorsed by Dr. Rockzo and headlines by Snakes n' Barrels. Pickles is banned from this concert, and "NO PICKLES ALLOWED!" posters can be seen on the walls. During the opening act of the concert, Pickles is detained by security, but he escapes and rushes Kixx on stage. Pickles brutally beats him as the concert degenerates into chaos, and has not been seen since.


  • Unlike Pickles, who did both lead vocals and lead guitar, Kixx only does lead vocals. However, during Snakes 'N' Barrels' performance, he only shouts out "yeah" and "woo hoo".
  • Rikki's dancing style during concerts is most likely a parody of Axl Rose, the lead singer of Guns N' Roses, the band on which Snakes 'N' Barrels was largely based.
    • Based on the name alone, plus his time in rehab and newfound sobriety, it's more likely that Rikki Kixx is based on Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe.
  • Rikki Kixx has a liver problem, preventing him from drinking.
    • This is another parody of/reference to Nikki Sixx, as Nikki had been hospitalized for a heroin overdose, which led him to become sober and even write a song based on the experience by the name of Kickstart My Heart.