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Rikki Kixx's "Kikkin It" Rehab Center is a rehabilitation center present in the Season 2 episode, Snakes N' Barrels II.


Rikki standing by the outdoor sign.

It is owned and managed by Rikki Kixx, and attended by hundreds of people. The primary goal of this center is to help rehabilitate ex-rockers/rock n' roll stars to help them on the path to sobriety, as well as make rock n' roll as a whole sober forever. One notable member of the rehab center is Dr. Rockzo, and he even presents a speech to the other attendees to explain how much the center has helped him.

The building is considerably large, and the main auditorium is rather empty except for the chairs for the audience, two tables in the back, and some banners on the walls. The two banners visible read "SOBERMANIA!" and "WE'RE JUST KIKKIN' IT!". The tables in the back are seen hoisting up a pitcher of liquid and some cups. The windows are covered by security bars, which is bizarre at first glance, but fitting considering Rikki's secret motives behind this center.


  • Not only has Dr Rockzo attended the Rehab Center, but so has Snakes N' Barrels. They were taken in immediately after being subject to the effects of the Totally Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake.
  • Rikki states that 'the problem' that needed to be identifies with Snakes N' Barrels was Pickles.
    • This is likely due to jealousy, as Snakes N' Barrels had fallen into extreme drug and alcohol abuse on their own, not because of Pickles. In the Season 1 episode Snakes N' Barrels, it is stated that their descent into addiction was due to fame catching up to them.
  • A 'basket' is mentioned that is passed around through the rehab center. This is likely a basket similar to Church offering baskets, where Churchgoers will leave financial offerings/donations in a basket as it is passed around.