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The logo for Rock-A-Rooni Fantasy Camp.

Quote open It's a magical haven where regular jack-offs are allowed to play music with rock-n-roll royalty. Quote close
— Bartholomew Grahsrihajul

Rock-a-Rooni Fantasy Camp is a camp/program geared towards adults who are interested in or fans of rock-and-roll. It is seen in the Season 4 episode, Dethcamp, and is meant to be a three-day stay.


The camp.

There are, presumably, several "Rock-a-Rooni packages", such as the standard package, which allows attendees and members of the camp to live with rock stars in a shared dormitory room. This includes not only sleeping in the same room, but being able to shower together, as well as interact with them freely.

Attendees are paired up with a Rock-a-Rooni counselor and other rockstars to play in a makeshift band. These bands then have the chance to compete against one another in a final performance on the last day of the camp.

Present Characters[]

Employees / Featured Rock Stars[]

  • Magnus Hammersmith (temporarily)
  • Lenny Chimes
  • Sandals Lemonwhiskers
  • Swords McCalister
  • Johnny Agamemnon
  • Archie Archibaldstein

Members of the Camp[]

  • Greg
    • Has a case of the blues
    • Uses a Gibson Les-Paul
  • Ludwig (Also spelled Ludvik, at times)
    • Refers to himself as "the greatest", has a very pompous personality and later attempts to kill Toki.
    • Uses a Gibson SG
  • Toki Wartooth



Toki as he introduces himself.

After a hectic series of events in previous episodes, Toki decides to go away to Rock-a-Rooni Fantasy Camp in order to have some laid-back fun times. He's excited to attend, and the other band-mates make sure that he has everything he needs to leave alone, such as his insulin for his diabetes. He also brings a baseball cap with a cat on it, as well as a Mordhaus-themed snow globe that Nathan gifted to him.

The introduction to the camp is difficult for Toki, as he is visibly very timid on stage and has trouble finding the confidence to introduce himself to the other camp attendees. He explains that he is diabetic, but wishes to be treated just like anyone else, and isn't that much different from the others. In the middle of his speech on stage, Ludwig hurls something at his face, and berates him by calling him a faggot. Toki laughs this off, saying the others have a great sense of humor.


Twisted Daisy at the final performance

Once the camp counselors and attending rockstars are revealed, Magnus Hammersmith goes straight to pointing out Toki, stating he wants him in his band. They create a band named Twisted Daisy, and perform the song Mustang Sally. However, the performance is cut short when Ludwig arrives with a piece of cake in hand and attempts to force-feed it to Toki in order to trigger his diabetes. Magnus jumps in to save him, and is then met with Dethklok after they drove all the way to the camp to keep Toki away from him, since Nathan had only recently realized Magnus would be attending.


  • According to the pamphlet seen in Nathan's hand, it offers "luxury accommodations".
    • The same pamphlet also says "leave your mamacita behind and jam with the guys".
  • Many characters in Metalocalypse, if they are not part of modern-day Dethklok (e.g. Skwisgaar, Toki and Murderface), use models such as the Gibson Les-Paul. Ludwig is unique, as he uses a Gibson SG, instead.