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Roy Cornickelson
Roy Cornickelson
Background information
Sex Male
Mortality Dead
Origin United States
Role Founder and CEO of Crystal Mountain Records
Relations Damien Cornickelson (son)

Unnamed boy (possible son)

Affiliations Dethklok, Crystal Mountain Records
Voiced by Mark Hamill
Quote open I remember knowing deep in my heart that this would be the best work I'd do in my life, and I was right. It was important. Quote close
Roy Cornickelson

Roy Cornickelson is the founder & head executive of Crystal Mountain Records. He is the man who signed Dethklok to his recording label. In the past he has been a good working relationship with Charles Foster Ofdensen & a Dethklok supporter. He first appears via flashback in the episode "RenovationKlok".

However back in the present day (at the start of season 3) he currently no longer has direct control of his company as he terminally ill, instead the company falls into the hands of the arrogant son, Damien Cornickelson who despises Dethklok and plans to ruin them. Damien's plans are foiled when Charles Foster Ofdensen returns (after faking his death).

In "Dethsiduals", he has been shown to have completely recovered from his illness and regain control of Crystal Mountain Records from his irresponsible son. He briefly appears via holographic projection in Dethklok limo after "Dethklok VS Dethklok civil suit". He however is all business and demands Dethklok get recording some new songs, despite their recent court battle.

He is killed brutally by Mr. Salacia in the season 4 episode Breakupklok.

In "Church of the Black Klok", it is revealed that in the event of his death Roy asked that Nathan give the eulogy at his funeral. Cornickleson's funeral also takes place during this episode. During his eulogy Nathan makes a "brutal" apology (for Nathan that is) to Pickles and wants the band to reunite. However a bomb attached to Roy's casket explodes. The Revengencers then launch an attack. During the fight between the Metal Masked Assassin, Ofdensen is forced to use Cornickleson's corpse ("Note:" most of Roy's lower half was destroyed in the bomb blast) to shield himself from the assassin's blade, resulting in the destruction of Cornickleson's remains (though in a way something good did come out Cornickleson's death, considering Dethklok has reunited and Dethklok is now aware of Selatcia and their role in the coming Metalocalypse).


  • In "Dethrelease" Offdensen introduces a pre-adolescent boy interested in learning guitar from Skwisgaar as "the label head's son". However it isn't really clear if he's the son of Roy or Damien or if the implication was even intentional.
    • Roy is seen in a photograph of Charles Offdensen's funeral in decent health so presumably the boy is his son, but either way it's not elaborated.