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Runke Snogge
Runke Snogge Drep Du Selv 215
Background information
Sex Male
Mortality Alive
Origin Lillehammer, Norway
Role Store clerk at Drep Du Selv,
Band member of Hestkuk
Relations N/A
Affiliations Toki Wartooth (friend), Dethklok & The Army of the Doomstar (presumably)
Voiced by Brendon Small
Quote open I am a pagan trapped in the conservative hell that is Norway. Quote close
— Runke Snogge to the members of Dethklok (Source)

First introduced in the Season 2 episode Dethdad, Runke Snogge is an old friend of Toki's. He resides in Lillehammer, Norway and has an accent similar to Toki's. He is, first and foremost, a black metal enthusiast, and works at Drep Du Selv.


Runke is a slightly overweight, aging Norwegian man with light blue eyes, a broad forehead, and long black hair. He is only ever seen wearing corpse paint, which does not extend past his face, as opposed to Dethklok's which typically is on their entire bodies.

The corpse paint features a few black lines down his mouth and two strong black shapes around his eyes that drip down like tears. It is a simple yet classic design.

His outfit is stereotypically "brutal", as it includes a very large inverted cross necklace, a ripped black shirt, necklace made of chains, and remarkably spiky accessories.


Drep Du Selv Interior

Runke behind the counter of his shop.

Runke has a generally very flat tone and rejects anything he considers too mainstream or, in his words, "too digital". He views Lillehammer as a constrictive environment and displays an overall pessimistic attitude. Despite this, he continues to supposedly devote his life to black metal, as not only does he work at Drep Du Selv (a black metal record store), but he is also part of his own black metal band by the name of Hestkuk.

He actually plays a demo tape of in the store, which Dethklok listen to. The demo tape is seemingly a parody of black metal, as it features nonsensically-growled lyrics and loud, boisterous, clattering instrumentals. On top of being passionate about black metal, he is vocally a supporter of paganism, and views himself as a misunderstood pagan- another common theme amongst classic Norwegian black metal fans.


Standing in the middle of the crowd.

Despite portraying himself as an emotionless husk, there is a chance that Runke does hold a genuine feeling of respect towards Dethklok or other similar positive feelings towards Toki. This is evidenced by his presence in Army of the Doomstar, where he can be seen in the crowd in support of the band after they've defeated Salacia.


  • "Runke" is Norwegian for "Jack Off"
    • "Hestkuk" is named after a nord-Norwegian slur translating to a horse's cock (or "horse's dick").
  • Snogge's appearance seems to be based on a combination of the black metal musicians: Abbath and Gaahl.
  • Runke's attitude towards "overly-digital" (likely a stand-in for 'mainstream', given Dethklok's popularity) can be seen as a parody of black metal fans who act 'pretentious' about their preferred genre and put too much value in how 'underground' a band is.
  • Wikiquote, for some reason, hilariously misspells Runke's name as Vrunkus Snorge.