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The SOBERTOWN USA No Drugs Allowed Sober Rock and Roll Show was a large concert held by the Rikki Kixx "Kikkin' It" Rehab Center, organized by Rikki himself and seen in the Season 2 episode, Snakes N' Barrels II.


The outside of the concert.

It was first announced on the Snakes N' Barrels episode of the show Where Are They Now Now?, when new Snakes N' Barrels singer Rikki Kixx was introduced.


Dethklok drummer and former Snakes N' Barrels singer and lead guitarist Pickles was angered by this, not only because of his former band's new singer, but because of their sobriety. He then got the rest of Dethklok to travel to Los Angeles in order to crash the concert.

After learning from his assistant that the tickets from the presale were all sold out, Rikki Kixx revealed his true colors: he actually craved drugs and alcohol, but was unable to due to liver problems and the fact that he used to be in trouble with the law, and started the Rikki Kixx "Kikkin' It" Rehab Center in order to make everybody sober so that nobody could enjoy drugs any longer. He then strangled his assistant to death in order to keep his secret from getting out.

The concert started with a speech by its host, Leonard Rockstein, who was sober at the time. During the speech however, he began to experience hallucinations of his Dr. Rockzo persona, and started to frantically wave his arms around in order for the hallucinations to go away, saying that he was sober and didn't do drugs anymore. After he escaped the hallucinations and introduced the opening band, he went backstage.

The opening band, Manhattan Sidewinder, then came onstage to play. After that, the headlining act, Snakes N' Barrels, came onstage and played their signature song, "Water Horsey Blues". Halfway throughout the performance, however, the Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake that the original three band members had consumed during their first reunion kicked in, and soon blue phosphorus snakes came out from every single one of their orifices and hit multiple members of the audience. During this confusion, an angry Pickles came onstage and started to beat up Rikki Kixx.

Although it was a financial success, the SOBERTOWN USA No Drugs Allowed Sober Rock and Roll Show was unsuccessful in completing its mission in making rock and roll sober, it actually did the exact opposite, mostly thanks to the affects of the Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake. Nearly everyone who went to the concert relapsed, (including Rockstein, who later came onstage in his Dr. Rockzo persona), or were injured or killed, such as Rikki Kixx (who was beaten up by Pickles), and an overly enthusiastic fan who was beaten to death by a much annoyed Toki Wartooth.



  • Pickles is banned from attending the concert, and anti-Pickles posters can be found all over the walls.