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Mr. Salacia
Background information
Full name Salacia
Sex Male
Mortality Dead
Origin Beyond the Doomstar
Role The Half Man
Falconback Project director
Relations Crozier (thrall)
Orlaag (servant)
Stampingston (servant)
Voiced by Mark Hamill
Quote open Take not advantage of my kindness, General. Quote close
Mr. Salacia

Mr. Salacia (also known as Mr. Selatcia and The Half Man) is the central antagonist of Metalocalypse, as well as a recurring character with appearances in the majority of episodes.

He is the enigmatic head of Falconback, and leader of the Tribunal who sits on the central throne. He is almost always the last to speak, and had the final word on the course of action taken for any situation. Despite others urging the Tribunal to take action, he often recommends the opposite and orders the Tribunal to allow what is occurring to take place undisturbed. But he gradually turns out to be a supernatural being who needs Dethklok to realize his plans.


As revealed in Army of the Doomstar, Salacia is an entity from another dimension who lost most of his power when trapped on Earth in ancient times. Called the "Half Man", Salacia established the Tribunal and manipulated people throughout history to create the conditions to bring the Doomstar to Earth so he can open a portal to his dimension to regain his full strength. Eventually, Dethklok is established with Salacia seeing them as the ones needed to open the Doomstar portal, making their safety his concern until they served their purpose. In a hidden clip on the Metalocalypse Season I DVD, Salacia was portrayed as a frozen statue wearing armor made of bone, adorned with five emblems that resembled each band member.

Later, in “P.R. Pickles”, Salacia is superimposed on the screen when the large public relations tablet Dethklok sent into space collides with a comet that otherwise would have killed the band. If the sound on this scene is played in reverse, it is revealed that Salacia is saying “the Prophecy.”


Seasons 1, 2, and 3


Cardinal Ravewood’s photo of Salacia

For most of the first season, Salacia and the Tribunal observed Dethklok as they are integral to Salacia's plans. But two members of the Tribunal, Cardinal Ravenwood and General Crozier, plot against Salacia by making attempts on Dethklok's lives. It comes to an ahead in The Metalocalypse Has Begun when Salacia learns of their treachery personally intervenes to save Dethklok, he telekinetically exploding five soldiers' heads and then brutally kills Ravenwood by having his eyes burst and his intestines extrude from his mouth. He spares Crozier as he needs his military resources, putting him to sleep and spiriting him away anyone can discover his presence. But Salacia was unaware that he was witnessed by Charles Foster Offdensen, gained the ability to be undetectable by Salacia as a result of brief moment being dead from looking the being in the eyes.

As revealed in Black Fire Upon Us, starting in “Dethecution”, Salacia made Crozier his thrall and subjected him to horrible visions of Ravenwood's death and the upcoming Metalocalypse to erode his resistance to be easily controlled. He also replaced Ravenwood with Vater Orlaag.

Salacia header

The Half Man.

By season three, “RenovationKlok,” Salacia took full control of Crozier and forced the general to have the military aid the Tribunal in the construction of a device designed to harness the Doomstar's energies to create a stable portal. He appears to give Crozier some limited freedom as seen in episode “Dethhealth” when he continue to voice his opinions to the Tribunal.

One of the extra video clips that comes with Metalocalypse labeled Metastopheles shows a statue of Salacia in the same armor, whether this is a hint towards his true identity or not is unknown.

Season 4

In “Breakup Klok” and “Church of the Black Klok”, after observing Dethklok for a long time, Salacia makes his presence known "Breakup Klok" when he massacres various people with Roy Cornickelson among his victims. Offdensen gets Dethklok to safety and reveals Salacia's true nature along with the existence of “Church of the Black Klok” whom he aids.

The Doomstar Requiem

Salacia appears during the song A Traitor Amongst Them with Orlaag, Crozier and Stampingston, stating they have a new mole on the inside of Dethklok. The mole turns out to be Murderface, who was unknowingly infected by Salacia when he posed as a supposed member of the Revengencers.

Army of the Doomstar


Resting and collecting strength.

It is revealed that the events of Doomstar Requiem weakened Salacia as controlling both Murderface and Croizer is taxing, forcing him to focus his attention on each at a time. The ordeal making him haggard with a longer, more disheveled-looking hairstyle that drapes over his face and his eyes glow a foreboding yellow.


Standing above Murderface, foreshadowing his final form.

Throughout the course of the film, he gradually increases his influence on Murderface, taking advantage of moments when he is alone late at night. He haunts Murderface in mirror reflections, the shadows, and his own mind, appearing for brief glimpses which become longer-timed appearances as the movie progresses. He instructs his new subject to find the location of the Army of the Doomstar and crush Nathan Explosion's confidence in order to keep him from writing the Song of Salvation.


"Come and find me, Nathan Explosion."

Later on, he can be seen as a pointy, monstrous shadow with a gaping wide red mouth as he splits the bassist's head open in a metaphorical representation of infiltrating his mind. He leaves Murderface frazzled, and convinces him that everything that has happened is his fault in an attempt to break the band's bonds apart. However, this attempt fails, and he is successfully forced out of Murderface's body after a water-based exorcism, further proving that the water weakens him. His spirit is expelled and takes the form of a floating skull with glowing eyes and he gives the band a final warning before heading off into the night sky.


His final form.

After the Tribunal capture Dethklok, they use the power of the Dethlights to stabilize the portal so Salacia can absorb his other fragments and enter a chrysalis state before fully emerging in his true form after remaining followers have been dispatched by Dethklok's fans and supporters. Salacia, no longer needing Dethklock, attempts to vaporize the band. But Dethklok enlist their fans to augment their power, forcing Salacia above the sea. Mocking their power while stating that only a god can kill a god, Salacia is killed when the Whale Prophet jumps out of the ocean to eat him, dragging him into the depths.


  • Salacia can be seen sitting in a throne along with other members of the Tribunal (including mysteriously Cardinal Ravenwood) at the top of the U.N. assemblage when Crozier and Senator Stampingston are addressing the United Nations. In “Doublebookedklok” his seat was still there when Offdensen is trying to re-negotiate the Israel-Syria concert. Though, Mr. Salacia himself was notably absent.
  • His name could derive from the word salacious, which means lustful, lecherous, or indecent.
  • Despite debatable pronunciation it is mentioned that the proper spelling of his name is Salacia by one of the creators.
  • In Roman mythology, Salacia was the female divinity of the sea, wife of Neptune, and mother of Triton (who was half-man and half-fish).
  • Salacia’s long nails and coral red ring do not show up in Season IV or The Doomstar Requiem (save for “Breakup Klok”), Mr.