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Seething vortex

Seething Vortex

Seething Vortex is the third known virtual Dethklok album by Dethklok. It was unveiled in Season 4 and subsequently the shipments of the album was destroyed in a massive global storm before being released to the public. The master record was also destroyed by Nathan Explosion who felt that the album was not right for release. Only one note of song was ever heard by anyone outside of the record process as released in a public "One Note Preview".

Track listing[]

  • [sic] - album titles taken from an image of Nathan holding the album revealing the track listing on the back

1. Theuere Klsdf
2. Ro Iure Wih Rrids
3. Alki Teier
4. Flowlkgh Elkrg
5. Goro Sarsd Ol Sox
6. Ceov Wleoths
7. Foalsm Messa Nafe
8. The Utter Fanto
9. Ghun Yetzag
10. Postaswe Roaof
11. Tikron Biay Dekay
12. Vatre Deo
13. Derhorse Castra
14. Voter Raxon
15. Rrovew Questrant
16. Cottrowus
17. En Farwtour


  • Nathan Explosion - vocals
  • Skwisgaar Skwigelf - lead/rhythm guitars
  • Toki Wartooth - rhythm guitar
  • Pickles - drums
  • William Murderface - bass