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Seth's child as seen in Motherklok.

Not much is known about the child of Seth and Amber. He was probably born in Australia after Seth took over for the Dethklok Sydney branch. In most of the episode Dethwedding, Amber was pregnant with this child and the viewers only got a glimpse of him at the very end during the credits. Since it was a newborn, there was no indication of the gender at that point.


As seen at the end of the Dethwedding episode.

Like the rest of Pickles' family, his last name is unknown.


  • Due to the generalized timeline given by Small, his age is unlikely canon related.
  • The baby's glowing eyes at the end of Dethwedding are very similar to Dethklok's glowing eyes at the end of Performance Klok. The characters in the series who have been shown with glowing eyes (Dethklok, Mr. Salacia) are known to have mystical or magical powers, it's possible this child will have powers as well.