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Skwisgaar sometimes makes allusions to having grown up poor, for example mentioning during an interview Food[1] that he was fed snow for breakfast as a child "when times was tough." He is the illegitimate only child of "Miss Sweden of 1956," Serveta Skwigelf; his father's identity is unknown due to his mother's promiscuity.

One day, he came home from school to find his mother having sexual intercourse with two men. Traumatized, he ran away, catching the interest of four wolves, who promptly began chasing him. Shortly after that, he fell into a large hole in the ground and landed in a cave. In said cave was a frozen corpse with a bottle and a sword, and a statue of a Norse god holding a black Gibson Explorer with a white pickguard. Entranced by the guitar, he took it home and played it from that day forward.


Skwisgaar and his first love; his black 6-string

He had a job as a teenager in Sweden, though not much else is known about his employment. In an interview with the rest of the band, he alludes to a time where he'd waited in line at the bank to cash a paycheck for so long that he had an accident in his own pants[2].

Prior to Dethklok[]

As told during Snakes 'n' Barrels, Skwisgaar has been in a large number of bands prior to joining Dethklok, including Agnostic Priest, Gangagar, Eldele'el-Alele, Gognog Mug Alugdug, F*ckface Academy, Sausage Assassin, Financially Raped, and Smugly Dismissed, to name a few. He claims to have been in "pretty much every band." In an interview Skwisgaar mentions two side projects, a Harry Potter tribute band called 10 Points to Gryffindor, and a nudist Civil War styled band called Depantsification Proclamation.


Skwisgaar was present at the signing of the contract for Dethklok. After Magnus was kicked out of the band, Skwisgaar seized the opportunity to express desire to be Dethklok's only guitarist. The rest of the band agreed to do so only if they could not find another worthy guitarist. Skwisgaar proved his extraordinary talent to the band by besting over a thousand guitarists attempting to audition for the role. This lead them to proclaim him a Guitar God, however, a homeless teen by the name of Toki arrived late and begged for the opportunity to audition for them. Despite Toki's young age and tattered clothing, Skwisgaar decided to give him a chance on the merit that he "seems so nice."

Skwisgaar expected to defeat Toki easily, but they were all surprised when Toki was able to keep up with Skwisgaar in a call-and-response duel. When Toki finally cracked under the pressure and failed to complete a riff, the other members of Dethkok dismissed Toki, but Skwisgaar halted Toki from departing. Skwisgaar invited Toki into the band as he believed the duel had pushed his own abilities to a new level. Shortly after Toki joined, Dethklok rose to fame.

Skwisgaar appeared to have a less dominant role in the band prior to the expulsion of Magnus and the discovery of Toki. Despite Skwisgaar's superior abilities, Magnus appeared to have more of a lead role and more of a say during his time in the band, with Skwisgaar saying very little. After Magnus was fired, Skwisgaar sat apart from his bandmates during the meeting regarding whether or not to replace the fifth member. He also presented a distinct all-white aesthetic during his early days in Dethklok, but later adopted an outfit that is more in uniform with his bandmates.

Season 1[]

Skwisgaar attempts to produce a television special, at Toki's suggestion. During production his typically unconcerned and confident demeanor melts away due to stress and pressure. When Offdensen happens upon a tearful meltdown in his dressing room, he insists he was merely doing drugs. The other bandmembers antagonize the situation by gossiping about his emotional state and openly criticizing the production on its lack of 'zazz'. The TV special is ultimately a disaster when Skwisgaar has an allergic reaction and can barely play guitar on the night of the program. However, the oblivious public sees it as a bold new direction in guitar and copies the 'technique'. A news anchor states, "That night, the master of the guitar literally reinvented the instrument."

Season 2[]

Skwisgaar rejects Toki's request to take more solos, and is dismayed to learn Toki is taking guitar lessons from another tutor, resulting in a falling out between the two. He later apologizes to Toki.

Skwisgaar is arrested after a high-speed car chase. He is ordered to attend driving school along with bandmate Toki, who was firing a pistol from the passenger seat. During class the two are forced to watch a gruesome video containing graphic images of car crash scenes, instilling them with a deep fear of driving, and they subsequently fail their driving tests. Later they participate in a demolition dragrace.

Season 3[]

Skwisgaar orders a search for his biological father, and is dismayed to learn that although his mother had sex with thousands of men during the time of his conception, none of their DNA matches his. Skwisgaar is unable to dismiss his curiosity about the identity of the father he never had, and returns to his hometown in Sweden to make peace with his childhood and reconcile his relationship with his mother. Though it is difficult for him to adjust to civilian life, he even begins to form a relationship with his mother's new husband and takes a local girl out on a normal date. When Nathan attempts to persuade him to return to Dethklok, he initially chooses to remain in Sweden, despite Nathan's insistence that Skwisgaar was never meant to be a regular person. However, Skwisgaar is soon disappointed when he discovers his mother has been cheating on his step-father with multiple men and has not actually changed her past ways. As he flees his mother's home in Sweden he has the realization that he was immaculately conceived and is not an ordinary man, but in fact, a god. He returns home with Dethklok, and a renewed confidence in his role in the band.

During his soul-searching it is revealed that Skwisgaar was a young boy when he discovered his first guitar after falling into a hidden cave. The guitar was lodged within the frozen statue of a guitar god. Although a warrior's corpse lay nearby, Skwisgaar was able to retreive the guitar easily and immediately began to excel at playing the instrument. It is shown that playing the guitar gave him comfort and happiness during his lonely childhood.

Skwis christmas

Skwisgaar wearing his Christmas sweater

It is also revealed that despite his disgust with his mother's promiscuity and his own struggle with fatherlessness, Skwisgaar has fathered thousands of illegitimate children around the world which he has never met or even acknowledged, and has no intention to do so.

Season 4[]

After a series of pranks perpetrated against he and Toki, Skwisgaar seeks revenge upon Murderface by stealing his credit card and framing him as a terrorist. However, Skwisgaar's possession of Murderface's credit card and the fact that they followed him to the airport hoping to witness his takedown resulted in all three of them receiving harsh beatings.

Skwisgaar's friendship with Toki is tested once again when he writes a tell-all book entitled Skwisgaar Is Ams Dick in an appeal for more guitar solos. Much to the amusement of the rest of the band, Skwisgaar has another nervous breakdown. For the first time since Dethklok's rise to fame he experiences a lack of popularity, and he warns the rhythm guitarist, "Be carefuls what you wish fors... The audience ams a fickles mistress, Toki." As usual, Toki cracks under the pressure and cannot even plug in his guitar. Skwisgaar's prediction comes true and the audience begins to heckle. Skwisgaar mistakenly attempts to rescue Toki from his panic attack using a defibrillator, while their bandmates stand by and mock the situation.

The Doomstar Requiem[]

In the past Skwisgaar is presented wearing all white, with a Swedish flag belt buckle. He also wields a white Explorer. He is shown sitting off to the side apart from his American bandmates. His physical appearance is identical to his present day age, unlike the other band members who have aged noticeably since.

During a band meeting shortly after Magnus is fired, Skwisgaar states his desire to remain the sole guitarist in Dethklok, rather than hiring a replacement for the fifth band member. He is able to prove his superior abilities to his bandmates by swiftly defeating over a thousand hopeful auditioners. However, one last auditioner arrives late and introduces himself as Toki, a teenage boy from Norway. He begs for a chance to play with Skwisgaar and a lengthy guitar battle ensues. Though Toki is inevitably bested by Skwisgaar and dismissed by the band, Skwisgaar meets Toki outside and explains that nobody else has ever made him play so well. He invites Toki to join the band, and Dethklok rises to fame and fortune shortly afterward. As Toki grows up and settles into his role in the band Skwisgaar agrees, "Everything am better now dat he ams in de band dis times."

After Toki is kidnapped, Dethklok's search leads them to a bar called the Depths of Humanity, where Toki played his first gig with the band. Skwisgaar notices an audition flier on the wall and remembers the warehouse where he and Toki had their first guitar battle. He realizes this must be the place Magnus has imprisoned Toki, which leads to his rescue.

Army of the Doomstar[]


At the memorial services with the others.

Over the course of ten years after the events of Doomstar Requiem, Skwisgaar has shown little reaction to the band's traumas compared to other members like Nathan or Toki. During the memorial services for Ishnifus Meaddle, he sits with the rest of the band in silence while Toki and Murderface cause a scene. He agrees to take regressed Toki to the bathroom, but responds negatively to Toki's clinginess, shouting "Don't touch Skwisgaar!" to get him off of himself.

Upon arriving at Deus Keep, he shows a willingness to help Toki improve his guitar skills and gifts him a clip-on guitar tuner. This guitar tuner proves to have more than one usage, as he later uses it on his own guitar to communicate an important message to the band. During his spiritual, musical work with Knubbler, he is identified as the 'brother' in the 'band family' and refers to himself as the band's guitar god.

Prior to performing Aortic Desecration, it is Skwisgaar who is woken up in the middle of the night by Murderface as he spots him pacing the halls. He then watches as Murderface intently observes the hidden Army of the Doomstar, and becomes acutely aware that something is wrong.


Skwisgaar's new and improved dark grey Thunderhorse, behind Toki's new guitar.

Once the performance of Aortic Desecration goes horrifically wrong, resulting in the band being fired upon by missile-wielding helecopters, Skwisgaar collapses and is forced into a state of shock. Injured, he is carried to safety by Toki to a nearby cave, who then hands him the guitar tuner mentioned previously. He uses his guitar and the tuner to reveal the identity of the spy amongst Dethklok- DEADFACE. Skwisgaar and the other bandmates are then tasked with forcing possessed Murderface under the nearest body of water in order to expel Salacia from his body. Once the exorcism is successful, he is relieved and partakes in a large 5-member group hug with the other members.


Performing SOS.

The Song of Salvation is written not long after once Nathan realises the true purpose behind it. Skwisgaar performs it with the rest of the band using a black and dark-grey Gibson Explorer (as opposed to his typical white/black Thunderhorse), but they are all unfortunately captured by Salacia to be taken to their deathbeds. His last meal of choice is unknown, as his tray has already been eaten by the time it is shown on screen. After being stuck in Salacia's machine built to harness their power, Skwisgaar and the other bandmates break out. He stands beside the band as Nathan is passed out on the ground, and is then seen with his eyes glowing white as they all harness the power of the Dethlights together, which they use to defeat Salacia once and for all.

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