"Skwisklok" is the eleventh episode of Metalocalypse. It aired on October 15, 2006 on Adult Swim.


Skwisgaar is hailed as one of the true masters of guitar playing and he feels very pressured to always be perfect. He has to give a live performance and his bandmates don't help with his anxiety.


The episode begins with a music video being made for a guitar solo written by Skwisgaar called "Crush My Battle Opponent's Balls". However, a freak accident occurred during the filming of the video, killing multiple crewmembers. The remaining footage was later edited and shown on TV.

Skwisgaar Skwigelf Advanced Fast Hand Finger Wizard Master Class

Skwisgaar is set to host a pay per view TV show called Skwisgaar Skwigelf Advanced Fast Hand Finger Wizard Master Class. Meanwhile, the rest of the band demanded endorsement deals: Toki endorsed the Willard Wonky Candy Hand Candy Corporation (as a result of eating too much candy, his teeth end up falling out, and he has a sugar rush and ends up in a diabetic coma), Nathan makes his own BBQ sauce: Explosion Sauce, Murderface endorsed a doorknob company called Murderknobs and Pickes now endorsed Pickle Nickles, the first ever endorsement deal of money. The Tribunal discuss the danger of endorsement involving dangerous celebrities like Dethklok, but they even admit that they are looking forward to watching the Skwisgaar Skwigelf Advanced Fast Hand Finger Wizard Master Class (Ravenswood admitted that he began playing guitar himself).

Guitarist under pressure

Before the event, Skwisgaar requested a dragon to be in the master class, similar to the music video for "Crush My Battle Opponent's Balls", but the person working there declined, saying that dragons never existed and therefore impossible to obtain. Skwisgaar, angry, fired the person. Later, Skwisgaar started to crumble under pressure when Charles came in and had Skwisgaar sign a ten billion insurance policy, having each of his fingers insured. He also had Skwisgaar wear solid crystal oxygenating hand-aquariums in order to protect them while he was not playing.

Later, Skwisgaar had trouble getting the solid crystal oxygenating hand-aquariums off and went to the rest of Dethklok to help. After multiple failures, Nathan finally poured some of his Explosion Sauce on Skwisgaar's wrists, making his hands slippery and freeing him from the hand-aquariums. He ordered his guitars and a towel before he licked his finger to give the sauce a taste. However, due to the Explosion Sauce containing some cilantro which Skwisgaar is allergic to, his tongue and hands swelled enormously and his face developed red blotches. He went onto the stage and did the master class, but played much worse than expected. Nevertheless, the event was successful, with a reporter going on to say that Skwisgaar "truly reinvented the instrument". At one point, fans mimic his moves in the master class by strumming the guitar with stiff fingers.

Songs featured in this episode

Guest Voices

  • King Diamond


  • The black suit of armor that Skwisgaar wears for his dragon video is the same as the white one he wears in Dethlessons
  • The hand aquariums Skwisgaar wears could be a reference to the movie Zoolander, where a hand model wears a similar (fictional) protective case.
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