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Snakes N' Barrels at the height of their popularity.

"Snakes n' Barrels" is the eighth episode of Metalocalypse. It aired on September 24, 2006 on Adult Swim.


Pickles reunites with his old band for one concert but the Tribunal tries to sabotage it to hurt Dethklok. Their attempt to use an experimental drug affects all the members of Snakes n' Barrels except Pickles.


Old friends, old band

Snakes N' Barrels, Pickles' first band before Dethklok is presented in a TV documentary and people immediately began to buy their records, prompting Pickles to temporarily leave Dethklok and go on stage with his old bandmates. Meanwhile, the Tribunal go over the history of the other bandmates (Former alcoholic Antonio "Tony" DeMarco Thunderbottom on base guitar, former crack cocaine fiend Sammy "Candynose" Twinskins on drums, and former hallucinogen and heroine user Snizzy Snazz Bullets on rhythm guitar) and use their sober states as an advantage.

Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake

They decided to use a military made drug called Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake to erase Pickles' mind and make him a blank slate. However, because Pickles had a lifetime of using drugs and alcohol and has never once been sober, the rest of Snakes N' Barrels is affected by the drug and began to see horrible hallucinations and are rendered insane, while Pickles is unaffected at all. The recording of their live concert was converted into an album and was dubbed the most brutal album of all time. The rest of Dethklok, who made fun of Snakes N' Barrels earlier in the episode, changed their minds about the band saying it is awesome and asked Pickles to play the album again. There is no music, and no singing, just the sounds of Snakes N' Barrels screaming and gibbering nonsense.

Songs featured in this episode

Water Horsey Blues

Guest Voices

Michael Amott of Arch Enemy, Steve Smyth and Warrel Dane of Nevermore.


  • This episode reveals Pickles' backstory as having in a successful and well known band before Dethklok. It also gives a bigger insight into his substance abuse problem that becomes part of the plot in Rehabklok.
  • The map in the opening montage shows Pickles boarding a bus from Green Bay, Wisconsin; the closest city with commercial bus service to Pickles' hometown of Tomahawk, Wisconsin.


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